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virtual machine

  1. Alvin777

    Any App That Converts macOS Installer App into .ISO?

    Hello, besides the complex methods using Terminal and all that to convert a macOS Instal app to .iso, is there an easier way, perhaps someone has already made an app to make this conversion faster? Thank you.
  2. B

    MP 1,1-5,1 Best and safe way for install MultiBoot OS (TripleBoot: MacOS, Windows, Linux) on MacPro 4.1/5.1

    Hello. I have MacPro 4.1 2009. I flashed it to 5.1, then put Nvidia GT710 (because it have Metal), flashed to firmware to and install MacOS 10.13 on NVME via 2$ aliexpress PCI-E NVME adapter. Next I want: buy RX 580 video card reinstall MacOS 10.13 on 12.3 wia OpenCore...
  3. Jedi.Master.Dre

    Can VMWare Fusion run High Sierra on a 2020 Big Sur iMac?

    I’d like to run High Sierra on a new 2020 iMac so I can run MacOS Server 5.7.1. How about Parallels? Is this possible?
  4. Alvin777

    How Do Create a Bootable .dmg for VirtualBox?

    Hi. I've tried everything to create a .dmg that VirtualBox can boot from and install in the virtual macOS Big Sur Machine, so I can test if an app has malware or not because there's a conflicting report between standalone anti-virus and it's counterpart on (I'm talking about...
  5. A

    sending DMX on the same Mac

    hi guys, hope someone can help. wanna send DMX data from Daslight (or other DMX Software) to Unreal on the same Mac. Using 127.0.0.x doesn't work. Actually need to create a virtual IP like 10.0.0.x (ArtNet) ... could make it on a PC. But have no clue how to make it on Mac??!! If i want create...
  6. sulliops

    M1 Virtualization: UTM vs Parallels?

    Hi all, So I have my new M1 MacBook Air and I’m looking to virtualize Windows and stop carrying around two laptops, now that Windows on ARM supports x64 emulation (albeit horribly, but support nonetheless). Can anyone that has tried both the new Parallels M1 Preview and UTM (essentially QEMU)...
  7. S

    Mac OS X Yosemite virtual machine error

    Hi! So I am trying to install Mac Os X Yosemite on Virtual box,on my PC(Windows 10) using AMD,not Intel but using a special bootloader vmdk together with the OS one and a custom kernel for amd processors(basically a hackintosh setup for AMD). However when I boot it shows the Apple logo and gets...
  8. K

    iPhone How to login into your Apple ID on the latest iOS virtually/via virtual machine.

    I have a iPhone 5. I want to download the Google keyboard Gboard. Gets msg ''Cannot Download App..the XX (app/name) not compatible with this device. The solution is to login with your own Apple ID to another person's newer device, download the app, then you're able to download a older...

    Resolved Virtual machine

    How can I get older versions OF Windows from 95 to XP on a Virtual machine When I try to load one of them it says there is no file? when I have downloaded the iso files.? And the other thing is some Linux systems say there is a problem and can,t load. Do you use a Virtual machine and which one...
  10. Journojulz

    Using Parallels / VM to run 32 bit apps?

    I use needs to use Adobe Indesign at work and home and its one app the they haven't made a 64bit version of in CS6. I don't want to start a subscription as the programme works fine - is there an alternative using a virtual machine when Catalina comes in?
  11. Q

    Getting rid of unneccessary apps/processes in order to only use Linux

    I've a MacBook 4,1 lying around running Lion 10.7 and I'm thinking to install Linux through a virtual machine. Given that this MacBook will from now on operate just and only to run VM/Linux, I would like to reduce the battery and/or RAM consumption by removing unnecessary Mac system...
  12. H

    Mac Pro 3,1 bad VM performance for Win10

    Hello, I've got a Mac Pro 3,1 running High Sierra with 48GB RAM (6/8 Slots) and 3,2Ghz CPU Upgrade running from SATA SSD. In Virtualbox I get a strange bahavior for Windows 10 VMs. The Guest CPU ist shown as 100% utilized, but on the host it is not. Other Windows VMs run fine. Can someone...
  13. Q

    How much faster is the new Air vs mid '13 Air?

    I used to run Visual Studio in Windows 10 running on a VM on my Macbook Air mid 2013 1.8 Ghz, 8 Gb RAM, 512GB SSD. Visual Studio would slow down and the fan would almost always be running with full CPU load. And I would have to restart the VM at least once a day. So I moved to a VM hosted in...
  14. Q

    Moving to a Windows Virtual Desktop from RDP into a Azure Virtual Machine

    I just wanted to get some feedback from people who might want to use Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure when it gets released this quarter. Currently I'm using a win server 2016 VM in Azure that I RDP into from my Macbook Air. I moved from using VMWare VM in my Macbook Air running Win 10 and...
  15. fcs132

    VMWare or Parallels on 12 MacBook?

    Hello mates, I’m stuck between choosing VMWare Fusion or Parallels for my 12 MacBook. I will be using windows 10 for some light software development. I have a student discount for Parallels ($39.95) but I ran a VMware fusion trail last month and it was pretty cool (much better than my...
  16. juliovg

    Macpro 5.1 - virtualization problem

    hello everybody I have a problem to créate a virtual machine now. Some weeks ago i update firmware and install Mojave And now i want to créate a virtual machine using vmware fusion (last versión) And i have a...
  17. M

    How viable a external SSD for all-time use as secondary storage (developer)

    I have a iMac 2011 that need to be replaced. I'm a (solo) developer that work across all major platforms (ios, android, windows, linux, osx), and more critical , with many databases engines (sql server, postgresql, mysql, firebird, ...) and data processing for small bussiness in my country. So...
  18. A

    Mac Pro (2009 - 2012) or Hackintosh?

    Considering either building a Hackintosh based on i8700K and 64GB ram or buying an old mac pro 5.1 and upgrading to 2 x X5690 with 96 (or 128)GB ram. Use Case: Heavy Xcode user, multiple linux VMs (no GUI, only servers) and a couple of Mac VMs, a little bit of Design with Photoshop, Illustrator...
  19. S

    VMWare Fusion on 6 Core 2018 MBP?

    Can anyone confirm if VMW Fusion 10 pro runs on the 2018 15” MBPs. On their website, VMW specifically excludes past 6 core models. There is no mention of 2018 models. I havent yet received my machine else I would have tried it myself TIA
  20. G

    Best Windows and VM?

    Hello: I have a MacBook Pro Late 2011 13”. Bottom line: Can someone tell me which is the most absolute best and supported Windows version? Also, which is the best Virtual Machine to use. I primarily use the computer to log into my office computer, I use Windows in order to use Internet...