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xs max

  1. N

    Spots in portrait mode

    Hello, I’ve had an iPhone XS Max for a few months and it is showing a few dark spots in portrait mode. These do not appear in video or in 3rd party camera apps. I’ve read that it could be dust and people have had the camera replaced or it could be a software issue. With the recent update I was...
  2. Phil77354

    iPhone XS Max Replacing (or repairing) my broken iPhone Xs Max with new iPhone (12 or other)

    I'm interested in opinions from folks on this forum regarding pros and cons of my particular iPhone situation I have a two-year old iPhone Xs Max that I've just discovered has a non-functioning rear (main) camera. Otherwise the phone is working fine. I have dropped the phone recently and...
  3. Phil77354

    iPhone Xs Max Camera Stopped Working?

    I have just noticed that the main camera of my Xs Max iPhone is not working - I only get a black screen when I open the camera app. The small green indication at the top of the screen is slow blinking off and on when I first open camera, but the screen remains black. Changing the camera modes...
  4. J

    iPhone Wifi Issues

    This is going to sound weird - I have an XS Max and have had wifi issues since day one. 50% of the time, my phone lags on wifi. Gets much slower than LTE, despite having a fast 300mbps internet. The weird thing is - If I pull down the Control Center, it immediately speeds up. I can literally...
  5. Mkondrak

    iPhone Full Screen Protector with no case?

    Hi, so I dont like cases and dont use them. I basically never drop my phone, unless its gets knocked out of my hand or I give it to someone else. Never cracked a phone. However, I do hate those little micro-scratches that appear after a few months when the oleophobic coating has rubbed off. So...
  6. vnunez85

    iPhone Mail app padding? Huh?

    I have an iPhone XS Max. and have updated to 13.1.13. But since updating to ios 13, individual emails on the Mail app show padding/gutter which I hateeee. Is anyone else getting this too, cause everyone I've asked, the email goes full width. Is there a fix for this? I want it to go full width...
  7. cc00lltt00nn

    iPhone XS Max Very Surprised at My Battery Health

    I’m pretty surprised by the battery health on my XS Max (got on release day last year). What is yours at?
  8. O

    iPhone XS Max XS Max after a month

    Hi, I just wanted to write my impression after a month with XS Max. It gifted me a month ago and felt huge!(switched from iphone 7) I thought i would never get use to it. I was ready to replace it with xs but i'm so happy that i didn't. Battery is great. Using it all day long and still got...
  9. S

    iPhone 11 Pro Broken iPhone XS Max in exchange for iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Need help! So I change my phone every year and I want the new iPhone Pro Max. I usually sell my previous phone to recoup some of the cost, obviously. But for the first time in like 8 years I broke my phone. In this case the back of my XS Max is cracked. So I know since I don’t have Apple care I...
  10. W

    iPhone 11 iPhone XS Max?

    Any ideas what will happen to the old stock of iPhone XS Max in Apple Stores? They have been scrapped from the iPhone line-up and no longer available online. I was hoping to pick one up, possibly at a reduced price, to replace my X. I wasn’t too impressed with the new 11 and don’t want to shell...
  11. D

    XS Max has 99% of Battery health after 6 months of use

    Hello, Not sure if I am over worrying but my iPhone XS Max that I got in February has now fallen to 99% battery health. My friend’s XS Max, that we bought together, is still at 100% health, albeit, I use the phone heavier than him. What do you think.. am I over worrying? Will this loss of 1%...
  12. PhillyGuy72

    XS Max Smart Battery Case - Question

    I picked up the Apple Battery case yesterday, no problems with charging, connection right now. Quick question, the phone and battery case was at 100% at 11:30pm when I went to bed - I left the phone on my desk. When I woke up at 6:30am, the Smart battery case % was at 79% (Phone still read...
  13. W

    iPhone XS Max XS Max range to Apple watch worse than iPhone 6.

    This seems weird and I want to be sure that i'm not doing something wrong. So, I have an Apple watch series 3 and an iPhone 6 and I can leave the phone in my room, go down a flight of stairs and well into my garden and I still get notifications and calls. On the other hand, my girlfriend has a...
  14. PinkyMacGodess

    iPhone XS Max Xs Max, Otterbox Defender Pro, and Qi Charinging issues.

    Is there a better Qi charging pad than the Belkin that might work better I get the beep, and even see the light change, and the phone isn't charged. I have been careful lately to make sure that I hear the beep, and I do, but so far, three times it's not charged in the morning. I had no issues...
  15. D

    iPhone XS Max Worried that I damaged my phone by using Alcohol wipes.

    Hi everyone. This week I decided to change my old screen protector. Before installing the new one, I wiped the screen with the alcohol wipes that come with these screen protectors. I now discovered that it is not recommended to do so, since the alcohol can damage the oleophobic coating. I...
  16. dragnworks

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XsMax WiFi issue

    Is anyone else having an issue with their iPhone XsMax using excessive cellular data, and not showing wifi connection icon on home screen, but shows it on the WiFi settings page? I went over my cellular data last month. And noticed when i should have been on wifi, the phone wasn't showing icon...
  17. janeauburn

    iPhone XS Max This is why the new iPhones are failing

    $1,535.94 That's approximately how much you'll fork over for the high-capacity XS Max, a phone that doesn't perform much better than your current model. The bottom line is that the price is too high.
  18. cuwickliffe

    iPhone XS Max Replacing 6s Plus

    Some background ... I shoot a lot of photos, but most of the ones that count fall into two categories: Photos of our son (who turned 9 months today!) Photos of church events Many of the church events are in darker places (think sanctuary) and often include the church's children--usually...
  19. E

    AirDrop not working (XS Max)

    Hi all, Getting tired of my Max, this is the second "normal" feature which gives me issues. It cant send pictures via mms, and now also AirDrop causes issues. maybe you have a tip, i used to use AirDrop a lot as my family all have iPhones. However when i got the Max, it refuses to see my...
  20. zSyntex

    My iPhone XS Max has lag, hot SoC and battery problem

    Hi guys, I've got this 256GB phone 3 weeks ago. I'm happy because I came from Mi8 (a good Android smartphone) and I was expected for great improvements and performance. Well, I was wrong. I've already got a XS Max for my mother in the past months, and her device is really good, the touch is...