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May 13, 2020

I recently bought the base i9 16" Macbook Pro and use it mainly for MacOS for rendering and Software Dev. I also have bootcamp running mainly for some medium-heavy gaming and have Mac Fan Control installed alongside Throttlestop. I have turbo boost disabled in Throttlestop and custom settings for MFC set.

(Left-side fan CPU PECI 50-68c, Right-side fan GPU PECI 50-68c). - General Preset

(Left-side fan CPU PECI 60-78c, Right-side fan GPU PECI 60-78c). - Gaming Preset

The temps seem to be pretty good CPU and GPU around 52-55c Max: 60c at IDLE with the fans running around 2000-2200 RPM using my General Preset
The max temp it will usually hit in games is around 79-82c with High settings in most games (Using my Gaming Preset) which I feel is okay (would be worried if it started to dip over low 80s.

I was mainly wondering if there are any tricks or tweaks that I can use in Throttlestop or within windows settings to help keep thermals lower than above? i've heard that you can't undervolt the CPU with these new models although I haven't done a tonne of research and was wondering if anyone could lend some help / advice?

NOTE: These thermals are when the device is plugged into power and not hooked up to an external display, although I would like to in the near future (1080p 75Hz Monitor)

Cal :)


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Sep 17, 2019
Not sure what your configuration looks like but if you run the MBP in clamshell mode it will run cooler and draw less power. I've also seen people using cooling pads or elevating their MacBooks on stands that further help with airflow, in either case it looks like for the most part your temperatures are under control.
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