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Aug 13, 2020
Hi everyone,
Picked up a new 2019 16” MBP base model w/ 512GB storage. Installed windows using bootcamp and then noticed an intermittent electronic scratching sound. With no apps running, I opened up the task manager and monitored CPU speed and saw that every couple of minutes the cpu speed would randomly spike up to ~3.5 GHZ and then drop back down. The electronic scratching sound occurs while the cpu is under high Ghz (excess of its base speed). I limited max cpu to 99% in the windows power setting and the noise is now completely gone. Now back in Mac OS I get the noise when the cpu is under high loads (per activity monitor) but it’s not as bad however very noticeable from normal distance. My questions are:
Do I have a defective machine?
Is this coil whine and if so is it coming from the cpu?
Will this condition cause my computer to wear/break prematurely?

FYI I found a video on YouTube that shows exactly what I’m hearing (
). The sound I’m hearing is at 4:17. The video says it’s the SSD and/or GPU however in my case the sound happens when cpu is under high load (above base clock speed).
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