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Apr 12, 2001

A purported photo of a larger 334 mAh lithium-ion battery destined for the Apple Watch 2 has surfaced on Chinese microblogging service Weibo, foreshadowing expected battery life improvements coming to the wrist-worn device.

The battery is allegedly for the 42mm model, which currently has a 246 mAh battery, suggesting the next-generation 42mm model could have a 35.7% larger battery. The photo does not provide any clues about potential battery life improvements coming to the smaller 38mm model, which is currently equipped with a 205 mAh battery.

The veracity of the photo cannot be confirmed, as is often the case, but KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said an Apple Watch 2 with a higher capacity battery will launch later this year. The larger battery should unsurprisingly lead to longer battery life for the Apple Watch, which is currently rated for up to 18 hours of mixed usage and up to 72 hours in Power Reserve mode on a single charge.


The much-rumored Apple Watch 2 is expected to be released in late 2016 with a faster TSMC-built processor, GPS, barometer, superior waterproofing, and a higher capacity battery -- but no cellular. Both 38mm and 42mm screen sizes will be retained with thinner display technology adopted. The device could launch in September alongside the iPhone 7 and spec-bumped Apple Watch 1 models.

Article Link: 42mm Apple Watch 2 May Have 35% Larger Battery
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Nov 20, 2010
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Even with that increase, it's doubtful that my watch would get me through two full days, at least consistently. It will clearly get me through one day now, I think that's really all that's needed. However, in certain situations where you might forget your charger and you're staying the night at a friends house or something, it could be useful.


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Oct 19, 2005
If you workout for any length of time, the watch battery life sucks. First thing in the morning I do is hit the gym. Usually at about 60% battery before 7AM. Granted I let it charge while I get ready for work when possible.

Improved battery life will be welcomed though.


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Mar 11, 2013
I've actually been very impressed with my watch's battery. The watch IS something I would like to see thinness improved on over battery, ironically.
It's the only Apple product that I feel this way about. I get home after wearing it for 12 hours with casual use and notifications all day as well as 45 minute workouts and I still have between 45% and 50%. Some days I have as much as 65% left.

However, I anticipate Watch OS 3 with its new always active 10 apps to negatively impact battery life.


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May 22, 2009
I've actually been very impressed with my watch's battery. The watch IS something I would like to see thinness improved on over battery, ironically.

Charging it everyday isn't impressive. It's a chour. But if I can do two full days with active use - then that's worth considering.


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Sep 3, 2011
35% likely won't make a huge difference in what we get out of our Apple Watch. I know that seems a bit inane upon the first read but let me explain my thought process.

They say the Watch gets about 18 hours/charge. I think most would agree they can get a good 24H out of it, perhaps longer. A 35% increase yields a little more than 6 hours. Let's now say that average users will be averaging 32-36 hours. This isn't enough for two full days of use. The benefit of a bigger battery (IMO and what I want/need out of a battery increase) would be for it to last longer and hopefully need less charging. Now it may last longer but it's going to be dead by the end of the second day unless I continue to charge it every night - which I do now and it lasts me an entire day. A 35% increase will probably only offset the extra user-load that's going to be placed on the Watch with newer features and better functionality. So I guess that's better than losing battery life, but still... I wish there were major breakthroughs in battery innovation ready for mainstream.


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Aug 27, 2012
Charging it everyday isn't impressive. It's a chour. But if I can do two full days with active use - then that's worth considering.
What's the big difference? It probably leads to forgetting to charge your Apple Watch every second night instead of making it a habit every night. And also I don't think that many people are wearing their watches while sleeping.. (only use case would be sleep tracking but therefore you will probably need a battery life of about 5-7 days to make it really useful).


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Mar 18, 2009

Whenever I do a workout (every day essentially) I have to top up the battery for a bit to make it through a whole day. Most of the time it's not bad, as I throw it on the charger while I shower. But there are times where I workout at a gym before work can't charge it while showering.

Also, the complaints about more than 1 day battery life I don't really understand. I think the most important is having a routine with the watch, not having to think about when it needs charge, just that you place it on the nightstand when going to sleep (for example). If it improves from 1 day, it would need to be something significant (like a weekly routine - I remember every weekend charging my Pebble when I had it).

If we have a bigger battery, I'd rather we can get more out of it during the day and not try to stretch for a potential two day battery life. Or maybe enough that it can be used for sleep tracking and need just a quick top up in the morning.


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Nov 29, 2011
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The rumors tend to point towards Apple giving their Watch actual sport capabilities. I welcome this as the lack of good sport tracking was the reason I skipped generation one. I'm already not a regular watch wearer so I needed much more incentive than wrist notifications to sell me on it.

As an aside, my wife has a 38mm and it's not terribly uncommon for her battery to die before the day is through. She does work gen hour days with nearly an hour commute, so that translates to a good twelve hours on her wrist. If she happens to forget to charge the thing overnight, forget about it. It charges far too slowly to make taking a charger in the car worth the hassle. Overall she likes the product but there are definitely some first gen setbacks. I'm definitely excited for what gen 2 brings and am almost certain to get one based on the few rumors we have already heard.
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