8+ seems to be the superior phone over the X

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Knockoutjosie, Nov 6, 2017.

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    I believe it’s called a downgrade
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    It all depends on what is important to you. I was on the fence between X and 8+, but after playing with them in person a few hours ago I’m absolutely going with the X. I want dual cameras, but I don’t want a plus phone. One-handed operation is important to me and the iPhone 8 Plus just didn’t feel secure in my hand. Both have excellent displays and excellent cameras. The lack of a home button on the X did not bother me at all. I got the hang of swiping up right away and it just felt natural and easy. Coming from the 6, which has a home button you can actually press, I thought the home button on the 8’s felt awkward. I’m sure I’d get used to it, but what matters to me more are dual cameras and one-handed operation.

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    Sep 4, 2012
    Yeah! That’s a good description of the 8+! Downgrade!
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    Oct 6, 2016
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    Nov 3, 2012
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    Bigger phone is only a positive if you want a bigger phone. I've carried around the surfboard for a year, I was very happy to get rid of it.

    Also no home button is the biggest positive on the X. Seriously, the left/right swipe to go back and forth between two apps has saved me a ton of time in just a few days of use compared to double tapping home hundreds of times.

    Plus the OIS 50mm lens, portrait mode on front camera, and the OLED screen which has an amazing contrast ratio compared to the LCD of previous models.
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    Sep 28, 2014
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    ROTFLMAO!! Some of you guys are so delusional. I mean, come on. :rolleyes:
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    Oct 31, 2017
    As someone who still has a 5c kicking around, I cannot disagree with you enough. This is just getting ridiculous, already.
  10. Shadow Puppets macrumors member

    Nov 28, 2016
    My brother got the X on launch day. He's back on his 7+ now. Had it for 6 days and his words were that the X "feels like a step backwards". No home button, FaceID (which he had loads of trouble with), worse screen / aspect ratio for viewing content, and he did have that unresponsive cold screen issue. He also found that it was getting hot very quickly.

    I'm all for tech moving forwards. My personal opinion on it, however, is that the X is a gimmick machine that has once again been rushed out. FaceID is in no way an improvement over TouchID (in fact there is plenty of evidence to suggest it is less reliable), and is very questionable from a privacy point of view. The notch looks *****. Wireless charging is a completely useless technology until it drastically improves (why plug in a mat to charge something slower, when you could just plug in a charger).

    We are both happy with our 7+s (apart from the lack of headphone jack, which is still completely stupid). I don't see myself changing phones anytime soon, and I highly doubt I'll ever buy a phone with FaceID or similar. It feels like a problem is being solved that absolutely no one had, with dubious technology that has not been tested to a degree where any one can say with any confidence that it is actually safe (plenty of evidence that it is not good for your eyes, however).

    But the sheep (including my brother) will buy it none the less. I don't get it at all.
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    The X seems to be the superior phone over the 8 Plus
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    Mar 23, 2012
    If I had to rank worst iphone purchases assuming you had prior version:
    1. iphone 6 Plus. Worst iphone ever. Lag. I went running back to 5S.
    2. Any iphone 4.7" versions after the 6. What's the point? Silly people..lol
    3. Original iphone. No apps. No 3G. Not really a smartphone. Unique position though and could eliminate from list because of being first.
    4. iphone X. Weird aspect ratio. Controversial "notch" at top of screen as Apple thinks having ears means counting that as part of screen. Way too pricey. Beat iOS UI as Apple stumbles along. Broken apps. Nothing caters to oled..no dark mode. No real improvements over 6-8 series. Disappointing debut after being hailed as the future of apple smartphones. Face ID is the only jewel here but not nearly enough on its own to override the negatives.
    5. iphone 8 plus. Wireless charging..ooohh. Pass
    6. iphone 7 plus. Water resistant (but not covered by apple if water dmg) and a bit louder.

    1. iphone 4 (retina)
    2. iphone 3G (apps)
    3. iphone 5 (LTE Verizon)
    4. iphone 5S (touch ID)
    5. iphone 6 or 6S Plus

    Will the X Plus make the best list? Let's hope so..

    Top recent Apple devices:
    1. Airpods..love these things
    2. Apple watch lte
    3. Apple tv 4k
    4. 12.9 ipad second gen
    5. imac 5k
    6. Still waiting on an iphone to wow me since 6S plus
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    Oct 31, 2017
    Please point me to this “plenty of evidence to suggest it is less reliable” or “not good for your eyes” for Face ID. In my own anecdotal experience (which has same weight as your brothers) Face ID is absolutely fantastic - I wish all my other idevices were Face ID as well. It is a vast improvement in ease of use, especially within the UI and apps. Also curious as to your supposed privacy concerns; if anything Face ID feels far more secure. I don’t have to hold my eyes open staring at my phone for it to work. It is truly, in my experience, so seamless I forget it is there.

    No need for a home button with gestures, which feel more like a step forward than backward. I have not missed a home button once.

    The notch is a personal opinion, but I and many others have no issue with it. It really is not something most pay attention to after a few minutes. It may not be your own aesthetic, but I also do not think it the horror show some are so desperate to make it.

    Wireless charging was never a must for me, but I actually am one who finds it much easier - I only really need to charge overnight anyway and I am not fumbling to plug in or unplug in the dark while my spouse is trying to sleep, scratching the crap out of my phone. I can also just pop it on during day if I want at my desk - taking it off to use, putting it back on... easy peasy.

    I find it interesting when people call others sheep. Why is it hard to believe a phone that does not work for you does for others? I mean, I upgraded from a 5s to an X, am I allowed to call you a sheep for getting a 7+ since I skipped out on that generation?

    Anyway, Apple has made it clear Face ID is their future, and after using it for 11 days I can see why, so have you decided what you are going to move to instead?
  14. Sunnyday2017, Nov 14, 2017
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    Nov 10, 2017
    Nice review from a good reviewer in my opinion from link above. Always enjoy his reviews
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    I don’t know. I think some people are just more resistant to change than others. Age may also play a role. That home button was a security blanket for a lot of people. Removing it can be disruptive for a lot of people. It’s orobably a good idea that Apple also put out an 8 and 8+ for the crowd that doesn’t want the X.
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    Manchester, UK
    * Bigger phone: Bigger bezels, yes.
    * Better battery: X does pretty darn good so far.
    * benchmarks are impressive: So are the X
    * touch ID is hard to get rid of: I wish I would say I miss it. Face ID is supper.
    * Fixing the X is highly expensive: I don't break them.
    * no home button: Probably one of the best features of X.

    This is not me attacking the plus or anything. Just the way I feel about this phone. I always wanted a larger screen with smaller bezels that can be hold comfortably. X for me offers much more and ticks all the boxes. But each to their own, whatever makes people happy.
  17. eplchamps macrumors member

    Aug 29, 2017
    Superior. This is subjective. I would not upgrade from a 8+ to an X, not worth it but I also would not go from an X to the 8+.
  18. Shadow Puppets macrumors member

    Nov 28, 2016
    To answer your points:

    1a) "Less reliable" - plenty of reports, including from my brother, of it working intermittently. Some people having no issues, but plenty of people reporting problems. And it takes longer. Undisputedly. I pick my phone out of my pocket whilst holding my thumb on the sensor. The phone is already open by the time I look at it. That cannot happen with FaceID.

    1b) "Unsafe" - A quick Google into infrared dots (of any power) shows significant concerns in relation to a persons eye health. Not hard evidence to find. Apple are utilising thousands of those exact same dots every time you look at your phone (you only need to watch the Verge's review to see it at work). As has already been made clear, there is no regulation on their use in the way that Apple have implemented the technology and therefore Apple will be free from legal responsibility should it come to light that it is in fact affecting people's health. That will probably mean years of other competitors and users jumping on board before they are forced to do the hard research into it. But basic evidence is already there for all to see.

    1c) "Privacy" - hackers now have the ability to hack the front facing camera and generate accurate maps of your face. They've already done it. Plus, Apple already has my fingerprints... why do they need my face too I wonder.

    2) The Home button is a personal preference, sure. I much prefer it over gestures.

    3) Fair enough, if that's your experience. I have never "fumbled in the dark" to plug in my phone. I don't use it in the bedroom.

    4) The 7+ was an evolution of a tried and tested design. Upgrading from earlier models you knew what you were getting. More power. Better camera. The same great ecosystem. With the X, people are blindly jumping in and spending a fortune on a phone that is essentially full of gimmicks, poorly designed (re: the notch and aspect ratio), featuring technology that in no way improves it over it's predecessors, because Apple say it's "the future". It's "the future" because Apple want your money, not because it's actually any good. You will then see hundreds of thousands of people falling over themselves to convince themselves that they have not wasted their money by citing bizarre scenarios (cough "fumbling in the dark" cough) as conviction that they made the right choice. Sheep jump on the latest trends. Sensible people go for tried and tested.

    5) I doubt I'll need to upgrade my phone for at least another 3 years, but when I do, I'll search out something that is a tried and tested design with proven technology. If that means an 8+ or a newly designed SE, that's fine. Or I'll look elsewhere. It doesn't bother me hugely to stray from Apple if they continue down this "style over function" mentality (as shown with the latest MacBook Pros too).
  19. DiveKitty, Nov 14, 2017
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    Well, that is not evidence. That is anecdotal reports. There are just as many if not more anecdotal experiences of it working well. I can swipe my X before I even look at it so it unlocks as soon as I do. The real genius of Face ID is not the unlocking though. Open a banking app...boom, it has already verified me with Face ID. Apple Pay, boom, it has already scanned my face and is ready for me to pay before I even realize it.

    A quick google search, if I use the “right” search words also will point me to “evidence” of “cancer causing chem trails”. And? As a lawyer, I do laugh that you think Apple would be “free from legal responsibility” if they actually caused harm - especially in the US. Hope you never leave home without your sunblock and sunglasses, either.

    They do not actually “have your face”. I have seen the hacks with photos on facial recognition like Samsung, which is not same as Face ID. But okay, playing along: please tell me why it is any worse for hackers to have biometric data of your face over your fingers? If you are that concerned, any phone you use should be set to passcode only.

    I am not sure why you think I made up scenario of “fumbling in dark” to plug in my phone, or why it is that bizarre. I go to bed after my husband, and wake up early before him. I don’t turn on lights so, yes, there is some trial and error to plug in. With the charging mat I can easily see the small LED and the magnet immediately grabs it to charge. A friend of mine had limited mobility in hands due to arthritis and also finds it easier to use wireless charging. How bizarre :rolleyes:

    Same can be said with X. Better camera. Better screen. Same great ecosystem. That YOU think the technology is not improved over its predecessors is very subjective. Many of us find the technology much improved. That does not mean your opinion is invalid, but it also does not make your opinion the truth.

    Apple ALWAYS wants your money. They aren’t being more noble selling you a 7+ (which when released topped out at about $969 for largest storage) over an X for $1,000, give me a break.

    It is heart warming that you think you can judge a persons motivations and character by the phone they buy. I am coming from a 5s, as I mentioned before. I am delighted with the X. I will likely have it another two or three years. I don’t jump on every single thing (sat out 6, 6+, 7, 7+...the X won me over after all these years because it works and fits for me. And if someone wants new tech every year - who cares? We all have our things we spend money on.
  20. Shadow Puppets macrumors member

    Nov 28, 2016
    What we are doing right now is arguing on the internet about a subject each of us feels polar opposite about. It's futile, so I'm going to back out.

    I feel like it's a monumental waste of money paying for a phone that is first gen, essentially in beta with unproven and un(mass)tested technology, with as things stand a worse user experience. You don't. Great.

    The truth no doubt will lie somewhere in between our two polarised views. The truth will probably go along the lines of "all of these phones do pretty much the same thing, but differently. So you can either spend $500 to achieve it on an SE, or $1300 to achieve it on a maxed out X". End of argument.

    Perhaps you should get back to your lawyer day job instead of arguing about a phone on the internet. Just saying :p
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    Someone's jealous
  22. MrX8503 macrumors 68020

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    This thread is full of people trying to convince themselves of their purchase.
  23. Zxxv macrumors 68040

    Nov 13, 2011
    Cancer causes chem trails... surely not.

    See previous comment :p:D
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    Oct 16, 2017
    Do you even own iPhone 8 Plus? Or you are taking wild guess. I know you had iPhone 7 Plus.
  25. Zxxv macrumors 68040

    Nov 13, 2011
    The X is scanning peoples faces when they log into websites isnt it?

    What next scanning peoples faces everytime they post, tweet, facebook etc?

    The data they are collecting is of a users face, is user happy, sad, laughing etc etc

    Nothing weird about that at all.

    Move along.

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