A Real-World Look at Proactive Suggestions on iOS 9


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple aims to take on Google Now with the addition of several new intuitive features on iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad, including Proactive Suggestions, which provides contextually-aware recommendations for music, email, reminders, calendar events and more based on apps that you frequently open and the time of the day.

With iOS 9 currently available in beta, ahead of a public release in September, several readers have shared their real-world experiences with Proactive Suggestions within the MacRumors discussion forums, providing a closer look at the new-and-improved assistant that will be available to all users next month.

Music and Maps

When you connect your iPhone to your car via Bluetooth, iOS 9 can automatically make suggestions for you based on your common tasks while driving. For example, if you often listen to music while driving, it is likely that playback controls or a suggested playlist will be displayed on the Lock screen.

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Nov 12, 2007
This is only the beginning, like many other services in Apple's history, the first iteration will be very limited and for most people, it will suck or be pointless, .i.e., like Maps, iCloud, iTunes Music, and so on. Hopefully, in a year or two, Apple will expand Proactive to be more useful and more powerful.

From what I saw in iOS 9 betas, it's not very impressive compared to what we saw in the Keynote, which is what I expected. Hopefully, iOS 10 or 11 will change my mind.
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Aug 13, 2007
This is either going to be awesome or a nuisance in this first iteration. Looking forward to seeing it in action.


Dec 6, 2012
I noticed a couple of times when the map icon would appear on my home screen with a message like "25 minutes to get home." I have not had time to look into it so this article answers a few questions. Very cool.


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Sep 6, 2007
Sounds cool... looking forward to giving it a whirl when it's released. I hope Apple can improve Siri a lot and make her more useful... however, she does okay now for what I use her for. Mostly getting directions and trivia questions! LOL!


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Jul 3, 2003
In practice I have not found these suggestions as useful. For example, the traffic alert and ETA to a destination seems to trigger when I connect to Bluetooth in my car. It would be more useful to get the traffic alert prior to getting in my car so I can have advanced notice to change my route.

Mind you, I've had normal traffic each day so far. Perhaps when traffic is not normal it will alert you in advance? Anyone confirm or deny this?

Also, the app suggestions are nice and all, but for someone who meticulously keeps my home screen to one screen and only showing the apps I use most often.... it's been less than useful. Just sayin. :cool:
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