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Apr 12, 2001

An image alleged to be the display schematic for the iPhone 14 Pro series has emerged online, offering us a look at the true size of the pill-shaped and circular cutout design expected to debut on the high-end 2022 iPhones in replacement of the notch.


The image first emerged on Weibo and was later shared by Apple leaker Jon Prosser who claims to have been able to "independently" confirm that the schematic is legitimate and depicts the "likely size" of the pill-shaped and hole-punch cutout. The schematic coincides with rumors that Apple plans to replace the notch on high-end iPhone 14 models with a hole-punch and pill-shaped cutout.

While the schematic coincides with the fundamentals of recent iPhone 14 Pro display rumors suggesting the end of the notch, more minor details defer from information shared by oft-accurate display analyst Ross Young.

Young, who has shared accurate information in the past, shared last month a front iPhone 14 Pro panel that shows a significantly smaller hole-punch and pill-shaped cutout than the one depicted in the schematic. Additionally, Young's information suggests the pill-shaped cutout will be centered with the display, unlike the schematics.

In a related tweet, Young said that the hole-punch and pill-shaped cutouts will debut in all models of the 2023 iPhone series, as they're only expected to be featured on the highest-end iPhone 14 variants. The two lower-end iPhone 14 models will feature a notch.

The indication that the 2023 iPhone series will continue to feature some form of display obstruction for the TrueDepth camera system will disappoint customers who were hoping for an under-display system next year. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that Apple plans to place Face ID under the display starting in 2023, implying a full-screen design with no notch or pill-shaped and hole-punch cutouts.

iPhone 14 Pro Max renders shared by Apple leaker Jon Prosser

The iPhone 14 lineup will include four models, consisting of two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch sizes. Alongside the higher-end models featuring a pill-shaped and hole-punch design, the entire lineup is thought to be gaining a significant redesign with thinner camera bumps, circular volume buttons, and a new speaker grill reminiscent of the iPhone 4. For more on what we know about the iPhone 14, see our comprehensive roundup.

Article Link: Alleged iPhone 14 Pro Display Schematic Shows True Size of Pill-Shaped and Circular Cutouts Expected to Replace the Notch
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Nov 22, 2021
it doesn’t matter what size it is . People are still gonna buy it apple can not loose
agree, but still not about that...about that design and the "R&D" placed in this new one
I mean the upper pixels are useless already, so why spend 1$ even for this new design ?! is beyond me
Just to be different and recognisable Apple brand?...yes, yes
I want to see the back and the camera array ,body to camera thickness ratio


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Oct 16, 2008
How ugly! See the thread below for an explanation:



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Nov 24, 2020
At this point, Apple should just connect the pill and the circular cut-out hole and combine them together. Make it a single pill shape. This will have more of a classy look.
According to article that would make it less brand recognisable and would be very Huawei alike?!.
Not a fan of pill/punch hole designs: it feels there’s some dirt on your screen.
Just keep the notch until everything can go under screen.


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Sep 10, 2015
I don’t want anyone on here to complain about the hole punches on Android phones and how worse they look ever again. There’s no way you can tell me this is better than a simple hole punch. You have to be completely brainwashed by Apple’s marketing to think otherwise if this is supposed to be superior. And all just for the sake of ‘brand recognition’? It’s stupid.
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Feb 1, 2022
Can I get mine with vanity plates? Such a small issue pill, notch, hole but they are probably going to keep that useless lightning port. All of Apple's creative energy is going into greed and how to be subtly lame.
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Jan 12, 2016
Does not bother me, I wont be upgrading this year my 13 Pro is more than good enough. I really dont like the new look and also if the cameras are not being shrunk possibly to the deterrent of the camera, that is one thick phone. Also odd that Apple did all that work to make the face ID components smaller to then change design yet again in one year with the extra pixels above being totally useless. I bet the 14 looks the same as its the last run of this design if we go buy Apples 3 year cycle I think Apple are making their phones internals cheaper to keep profit as manufacturing costs rise. Also though if this is the last year of Apple using Qualcomm modems, maybe I should update. I dont want Apple/Intel modems which will take a few years to mature in my iPhone.

Unlike the CPU's modems are a lot harder to make (see intel and 5G modems) especially with Qualcomm holding a massive amount of patents and their modems are built really well but Apple pay a high cost for the best in class. Not fun for the phone being easier to repair either by anyone else but Apple either if its full of Apple only silicon. I think my days of iPhones may sadly be over once they have control of all of their phones to that extent. I would happily forgo the marketing 'premium' bs and get a Fairphone and put Graphene on it.

Also I remember how much round buttons rattled on the iPhone 4 and 4S I hope they don't use the old design or people will go barmy shaking their phones and asking "do your buttons feels loose" on the forums. I also wonder if image stabilisation using the sensor will be dropped in favour of the lens to make things smaller again, just a thought as the bean counters will be trying to maximise profit in a year with sky rocketing power costs and a war in Europe will even hit Apple, maybe not a good year to update after all. Especially in the UK with a 54% rise in energy prices in April and another 20% in October. My bills may be more important than a new shiny consumer badge from Apple anyway.
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