Amazon to Cease Selling Apple TV, Google Chromecast Over 'Prime Video' Incompatibility


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Apr 12, 2001

Amazon plans to stop selling some streaming video devices that compete with its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, reports Bloomberg. It will no longer offer Google's Chromecast or Apple's Apple TV for sale in its online store.

Amazon today sent an email to marketplace sellers notifying them of the upcoming change. The site plans to disallow new listings for the product and remove existing inventory on October 29. As a reason for the removal, Amazon is citing compatibility with its Prime Video streaming service, which is not available on devices from Google and Apple.
"Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part of Prime," Amazon said in the e-mail. "It's important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion."
Other set-top boxes and consoles, including those from Roku, Microsoft, and Playstation, do have apps that allow customers to stream Amazon Prime Video and thus won't be affected by the new ban.

For Apple customers, this means the new fourth-generation Apple TV will not be available for purchase via It also suggests the device will not be gaining an Amazon video app and will continue to be incompatible with the Amazon Prime Video service.

Article Link: Amazon to Cease Selling Apple TV, Google Chromecast Over 'Prime Video' Incompatibility


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Oct 1, 2015
If they were truly concerned about their customers needs, they would spend more time preventing their review system from being faked or gamed, and their resellers from posting inaccurate product images/descriptions.

This decree that they just made is more of a hissy-fit than a solution to a problem.


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Aug 28, 2013
This is abusive. Amazon will lose a lot of very loyal Apple customers as a result of this. I know I'll never buy another thing from Amazon now they've decided to try and hurt sales of the Apple TV. I hope hundreds of millions of other people take a similar stand.


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May 15, 2011
Wow - Amazon is making a big mistake.. if you don't want to be part of the TV revolution then you will be left behind. The new Apple TV will usher in a new era of TV that will make all other streaming devices obsolete.


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May 16, 2010
Better solution: Amazon should release a Prime Video app for the new Apple TV.

This only means Apple users will buy their devices elsewhere and be less likely to subscribe to Amazon Prime.
I don't think it is a matter of Amazon not wanting to make an App for the AppleTV. It is Apple not allowing them to publish it. Apple sees Amazon as a direct competitor to iTunes... and they are.
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