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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has updated its executive leadership page to acknowledge that software engineering chief Craig Federighi now officially oversees development of Siri. The responsibility previously belonged to Apple's services chief Eddy Cue.

Craig Federighi is Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. Craig oversees the development of iOS, macOS, and Siri. His teams are responsible for delivering the software at the heart of Apple's innovative products, including the user interface, applications and frameworks.
Apple's leadership page is only now reflecting Federighi's role as head of Siri, but the transition has been apparent for several months, based on recent interviews and stage appearances at Apple's keynotes.

At WWDC 2016, for example, Federighi and Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller joined Daring Fireball's John Gruber to discuss how Apple was opening Siri up to third-party developers with SiriKit later that year.

At WWDC 2017, Federighi was on stage to discuss improvements to Siri in iOS 11, including more natural voice, built-in translation capabilities, and advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Cue continues to oversee the iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple Maps, iCloud, and the iWork and iLife suites of apps, and handing off Siri should allow him to focus more on Apple's push into original content.

Apple's updated leadership page also now lists profiles for recently promoted employees Deirdre O'Brien, Vice President of People, and Isabel Ge Mahe, Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China.

Article Link: Apple Acknowledges Siri Leadership Has Officially Moved From Eddy Cue to Craig Federighi


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Sep 16, 2005
It says Cue was responsible for the iTunes Store and Apple Maps software.

The iTunes store, where it is next to impossible to find anything (horrible search functions), and Apple Maps, where it was badly implemented from the start.

I think Craig has a better track record.
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Sep 24, 2009
Good cue is a bloated overpaid douch.. So he is over Apple Music iTunes Store, maps... So in other words everything that now sucks at apple and needs to be better? Seriously fire him, I'd rather have Scott back than that grandad trying to get down with the kids! How utterly embarrassing he is to Apple


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Sep 18, 2014
Maybe Craig will change the name of Siri to "Siri High"... or, "Siri is always High" thus the reason Siri doesn't work that great....
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Oct 23, 2003
Brunswick, MD
I'm not sure how effective Craig will be either, if they keep handing everything to him? But he's clearly good at his job, unlike Eddie Cue - who nobody seems quite sure of.

I mean, as an "outsider" who is just armchair speculating (like most of us), there are obviously things I don't know about. There's probably a lot of nonsense you have to juggle on a daily basis just to keep things like iTunes chugging along. (Think of all the record company contracts and special arrangements for various things getting featured on the store that you have to manage and keep up with.) Maybe Cue does all of this pretty well and it's a job nobody else at Apple really looks forward to messing with?

But at least from his Keynote stage presence and the overall sense of who leads what new initiatives at Apple over time? Cue just seems like a slimy used-car salesman personality, and never gets sole credit for anything substantial that comes along.
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