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Apr 12, 2001

As Apple continues its shift from LCD to OLED technology for its iPhones, reports have indicated that two out of the three iPhone models planned for launch around the usual September timeframe this year will offer OLED displays - a second-generation iPhone X and a larger "iPhone X Plus." The lowest-cost option is said to be a new 6.1-inch model with a similar full-face display as seen on the iPhone X, but it will reportedly be an LCD rather than OLED display.

Apple's iPhone X promotional video highlighting flexible OLED display

Previous rumors have suggested Apple will complete its transition to OLED in 2019, with all models adopting the technology. A new report from South Korea's ET News is now adding its voice to the claim [Google Translate] based on information from its sources.
"Apple recently started planning the iPhone model in 2019 and decided to adopt OLED in all three types," said an official from Apple who said, "The OLED used in the iPhone X (TEN) is a low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) LCD Quality, performance, and so on. "

Another official said, "Apple has decided to put all the OLED on the new iPhone model in 2019." If the new model is more than three kinds, the LCD model may be maintained. However.
While this isn't the first time we've heard this rumor and it does make sense based on Apple's trajectory, it appears the financial markets are taking this specific rumor fairly seriously. Reuters notes that shares of Japan Display fell as much as 20 percent today on the news (though they have recovered somewhat and are now down 10 percent), while Bloomberg points out that Sharp's shares fell 4 percent.

Japan Display is currently an LCD display supplier for the iPhone, and while it is moving to develop OLED technology, it will only just be starting up in 2019. That timing and lack of experience will make it difficult for Japan Display to compete against Samsung and other OLED vendors that are further along with the technology.

Samsung is currently the sole OLED display supplier for the iPhone X, but Apple has reportedly invested billions of dollars to help LG get up and running with the technology, and LG has been rumored to be the supplier for this year's "iPhone X Plus."

Article Link: Apple Adopting OLED Displays for All Three 2019 iPhones


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Dec 9, 2008
This is how you know Steve Jobs's legacy is dead: there is no way he would have approved of this.
Actually, Steve would've been fine with this. I checked the book and everything.

sj book3.5.jpg

Page 334: "…furthermore, were my beloved Apple to remove the headphone jack from iPhones or add an unsightly notch, I'd wholeheartedly approve."

EDIT: Feel free to use this image in response to cliché comments like this. It is my gift to you.
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Feb 17, 2016
Actually, Steve would've been fine with this. It says so on the 394th page of Steve's What I Would've Done: The Guide That Gives Every MacRumors User the Ability to Read my Mind Posthumously.

"…furthermore, were my beloved Apple to remove the headphone jack from iPhones or add an unsightly notch, I'd wholeheartedly approve."​

This is what he would say about Apple today:



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Oct 8, 2013
Stock markets are bonkers these days. This was not even a Ming Chi Kuo rumor! :rolleyes: /s (I know he quit)


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Oct 1, 2007
If true, iPhone X resell value will take a MAJOR nose dive

On the upside, OLED standard would be sweet


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Mar 27, 2017
The rumors last year suggested all 2018 iPhone models would be OLED.

That's the whole reason why JDI scrapped its LCD production lines last year. They rebuilt their LCD lines earlier this year for the 6.1" iPhone.

This latest rumor is simply a price negotiation tactic.


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Apr 7, 2009
Columbus, OH
For the love of God. Please make the new SE full screen like the X. I’d pay $1000 for that little beauty! Who’s with me!?

I’d love an iPhone X style phone in a smaller form factor, but I wish people would stop talking about it in tandem with the SE. It should launch with the other flagship phones in the fall and have all the latest hardware.
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