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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is "battling to free stuck shipments" at the Indian port of Chennai after the country ramped up scrutiny of imports from China following rising tensions between the two nations.


Reuters reports that customs officers at the Southern Indian port have held back more than 150 shipments of smartphones and electronic parts from China, which has disrupted operations at plants owned by Apple supplier Foxconn.
While several companies such as Apple and Dell have been battling to free stuck shipments, hundreds of employees at Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn's two plants in the south had no major work to do this week as shipments were delayed, sources said.
Some of the shipments are being slowly cleared, according to Reuters' sources, but the hold-up has reportedly left Foxconn in a "very bad state," resulting in many workers staying at their dormitories because of a lack of work.

The additional checks, which were apparently imposed without any formal order, follow deadly clashes between Chinese and Indian soldiers at the disputed Himalayan border last month, which has led to boycotts and demonstrations.

With concern mounting that the shipping delays are impacting businesses that have already been disrupted by the global health crisis, prominent U.S.-India lobby groups and local industry bodies have urged the Indian government to intervene. Indian government officials said the additional clearance measures for shipments from China would be temporary.

China's Commerce Ministry said on Thursday that it hoped India would "correct its discriminatory actions against Chinese companies immediately," after India banned some Chinese mobile apps amid the border crisis.

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Article Link: Apple 'Battling' to Free Up iPhone Shipments as India Holds Up Imports From China
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Mar 9, 2017
Deep inside Europe :-)
Make the stuff in the USA! And NO, it is not that much more expensive. And Apple, pay your taxes.
I laugh at you, but not because you are funny.

If you follow Apple news you would know that Apple would do that but all that supliers are in China or around and other advantage is ability to ramp up production fast as they can hire hoards of people easily. That is not cost what stops that.

But in case of India, Apple needs to produce there to get traction there otherwise has to pay high import taxes. That kill sales.

Breaking Good

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Sep 28, 2012
Gee, Tim, maybe it’s time to stop relying on an autocratic regime for the bulk of your supply chain.

Too bad the U.S. Government doesn’t have the backbone to stand with a fellow democracy, as imperfect as it may be, and do the same thing as India.
China is problematic. Virus, tensions with neighboring countries, communism... Get out of there!

It’s not communism (which actually doesn’t exist anywhere in the world today). It’s the totalitarian regime.

Democracies should not let their economies be dependent on totalitarian regimes. I don’t care if it is China for electronics or Saudi Arabia for oil.

(And just for the record, I’m not a socialist nor do I support socialism for the United States.)
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May 16, 2015
Seems that covid impact and economy shutdown doesn’t affect certain groups of armchair CEOs too much, or the iPhone price is not high enough yet, or delay hasn’t been a thing yet.

Are they legitimately demanding for tension and potentially a war?


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Feb 4, 2016
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Based off your feelings? It will be MUCH more expensive and will effect the rest of the world's pricing.

I work in electronics HW. The main cost is labour - once a lot of it is automated (the PCBA lines use the same equipment here as in China) there is not a lot of cost difference. Even China is starting to enact environmental protections (which used to be the reason things were so cheap there) - causing Foxconn et al to look at even more emerging markets.

A problem remains ramp-up for production of 100e6 units under short lead times - and the fact that the factories can build other stuff outside of iPhone season. Unless Apple gets into the EMS business for third parties then it's hard to make that profitable.


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May 30, 2011
I clearly remember In January and Feburary when Coronavirus situation is bad in China, many comments on this forum said that China is not reliable and companies need to move supply chains out to other countries. Now India holds imports and causes delay. Comments here still say that China is not reliable and companies need to move supply chain out. If the same logic applies, should it be India from which supply chain should be moved out?

In fact, companies choose places of supply chain out of many considerations: labor supply and cost, infrastrure, industry policy, appealing to local market etc. In this case, I would think the delay is temporary due to political reasons. Apple will not significantly move its operations just due to this incident.


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Jul 6, 2012
Someday Tim Apple will pull his head out of his ass and make product in the USA.

Part of the problem is the entire supply chain for the parts is all centered in China - that's where we let our industry "move everything to China" policies over the last 2 decades has gotten us. This is why its a problem now, they can't move the parts from China (where parts are made) into India where they're assembled or whatever.

So am definitely sympathetic to the desire - but we've made our beds here for the last 20 years (the U.S. citizens didn't want it of course, but the business lobbyists who've paying off the politicians and especially the business focused political parties) and its the entire smartphone industry (and the computer industry as well) at this point.


Aug 18, 2005
Not really arguing with their decision to ban TikTok and WeChat, that was well deserved as those are notorious for their privacy abuses.

But one thing I really don't get is why they banned DuckDuckGo in India now. DDG has no ties with China (no employees there at all and they're banned there for refusing to censor searches). Considering the timing it is probably related to all these measures against China but I really don't see the link to China with DuckDuckGo.
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