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Apr 23, 2009
And at a time when other product categories' growth have plateaued, which was predicted by analysts. He's also responsible for roughly 160,000 employees during a once in a hundred year pandemic, with Apple coming out of that in good shape and financially strong. Apple is incredibly lucky to have him as their CEO.
Fully agree. I have zero issue with Tim Cook. His failures have been being too loyal to a genius rather then pragmatism. I will forgive that sin because everything else has worked well.

And I really, really, really love my MacBook Pro M1 Max.


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Oct 22, 2018
Agree. Sadly, with many, it's always a race to the bottom with inane juvenile comments.

Apparently it helps people feel better about themselves lashing out at another person and having a moment of power that's otherwise lacking.
It is called speaking truth to power.


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Nov 9, 2009

Apple CEO Tim Cook today delivered the commencement address at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., which is the only university in the world where Deaf and hard of hearing students live and learn bilingually in American Sign Language and English.


During his speech, Cook told undergraduates that his one piece of advice is to lead with your values throughout life.

"What does it take to build a life that provides meaning and fulfillment?" said Cook. "No one can answer that question for you, and that includes me. There is no iPhone feature that can come to the rescue. AI is good, but it's not that good. Still, I have one important piece of advice I want to share — so important, that it's the only piece of advice I'm going to share today. And that is this: whatever you do, lead with your values."

Cook said that Apple's purpose has always been to create technology that enriches peoples' lives, adding that the company is only able to achieve that goal by having a relentless focus on its values, such as making technology accessible to all, ensuring that privacy is a fundamental human right, and environmental responsibility.

The commencement was streamed live on YouTube:

Cook's commencement address came after Apple TV+ film "CODA" won an Academy Award for Best Picture. The film revolves around a young woman named Ruby, the sole hearing member of a Deaf family. Using sign language, Ruby acts as an interpreter for her parents while working for her family's struggling fishing boat business.

Article Link: Apple CEO Tim Cook Delivers Commencement Address at Gallaudet University

Clix Pix

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Um I went to RIT which have NTID so please don't say that their is just one deaf school!
NTID is part of RIT, though; that is a different situation than Gallaudet, which was specifically built as a freestanding college for the deaf and hearing-impaired, students with communication disorders. A young friend just graduated from NTID and had a wonderful, albeit challenging four years there. I'm still astonished that now he's ready to move to the next phase of his life, as I remember him as a little boy....
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Feb 15, 2022
Did he do the "good morning!" and "what an amazing day!" routine? I have always wanted to attend an apple keynote in person just to hear him say those two phrases.


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Feb 26, 2008
"How I took over a dynamic and innovative company and turned it into a blasé drag and offer no excitement or disruptive technology. Oh, I am now forcing office workers because we lost our ass on building a stupid spaceship for an office building and need to use it to make the purchase worthwhile."
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