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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has delayed a new feature that will provide Apple Card users with the option to have their Daily Cash earnings deposited into a high-yield savings account.


During the iOS 16.1 beta testing process, the feature was mentioned as a new Wallet app addition in the release notes for the Release Candidate version of the update, but in the notes for the final version of iOS 16.1, the mention is missing.

"Savings account enables Apple Card customers to grow their Daily Cash by depositing it in a high yield savings account," read the RC release notes.

Apple announced plans for the Apple Card savings account in mid-October, and while the company did not provide specific information on a launch date in the announcement other than suggesting it would be available "in the coming months," it was believed that the savings account would launch alongside iOS 16.1 given the mention in the RC notes for the update.

With no sign of the feature in iOS 16.1, it will now be coming at a later date. When Apple does implement the Apple Card savings account, it will have no minimum fees, no minimum deposits, and no minimum balance requirements. Apple will offer the account through Apple Card partner Goldman Sachs, but Apple has not yet said what the interest rate will be.

Apple Card users will be able to manage their savings accounts through the Wallet app, and once set up, all Daily Cash will be automatically deposited.

Article Link: Apple Delays Daily Cash Savings Account for Apple Card Users


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Jul 6, 2012
Did read an article about Goldman deciding to tighten up its consumer facing banking side (which includes Apple stuff), nothing specific was listed out of it, but the timing makes one wonder if that is what we're seeing here. This section of Goldman's was their ownly money loosing side if memory of the article serves (hence the call to fix things there).

Dang! I was ready to save up my money. Now what 🙄
Into Apple Cash it goes. ;)


Nov 17, 2018
So long as these new features do not go the way of AirPower, we be good....

Over promise, under deliver? Or never deliver? Have you not been paying attention, that's Apple these days. Updated to 16.1 yet? Go ahead, try to share your photo library see what happens lol. HomeKit? Still worthless. I can go on and on


Nov 17, 2018
They got those price hikes today activated and ready instantly. Bet the upcoming ads also go live without an issue.

Right? I've never gone to pay for something with Apple and had it crash or fail to go through, that money flies right out of my account.


Aug 22, 2022
Of ****ing course. The one feature worth being excited about and least likely to be screwed up at launch…

Nothing exciting about moving daily cash into a 2.3% apy. Those using the Apple Card might as well apply it to their balance.
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