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Apr 12, 2001

Apple appears to be making a slight branding change to its retail business, dropping the "Store" moniker when referring to its Apple Store locations. Apple has already made the change online, and all of its store pages now refer to stores by names like "Apple Union Square" or "Apple Valley Fair" or "Apple The Grove," instead of "Apple Store, Valley Fair" or "Apple Store, The Grove."

It's a change that appears to have started rolling out with the launch of the newer Apple Stores, like the Union Square location in San Francisco. Apple has always referred to that store as just Apple Union Square, and over the course of the last few days, the company has updated all of its retail store webpages to remove the "Store" branding. What was once "Apple Store, Fifth Avenue," for example, is now just "Apple Fifth Avenue."

The new website for The Grove Apple Store​

An archived page for the Fifth Avenue Apple Store has the older branding as of August 12, suggesting this is a fairly recent change to Apple's retail plan.

The old website for The Grove Apple Store​

Apple also recently sent out a memo to its retail employees, letting them know that the "Store" branding is gradually being dropped from both retail locations and online. While Apple told employees the change will be gradual and will start with new stores, pages for almost all stores have been updated to remove the "Store" titling.

The decision to remove the "Store" portion of Apple's line of retail locations likely has to do with efforts to turn newer stores into more than just simple stores, positioning them as gathering places for their communities. Apple Union Square, for example, features an outdoor plaza with regular acoustic performances and a 6K video wall with seating called "The Forum," aimed at allowing artists, photographers, and musicians to inspire and educate customers through year-round programs, events, and classes.

Article Link: Apple Drops 'Store' From Apple Store Branding
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Chuck Kostalnick

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Jun 2, 2015
San Fransisco, California
As a former Apple Store employee, this is great from a credo perspective and shows their commitment to why they do what they do... but in the real world, this is just stupid. At the end of the day, the actual purpose of these "Apple Locations" are to create owners of Apple by selling them products.

As a side note, if you go here, the title on the webpage still refers to an Apple Store.
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Sep 13, 2014
I actually like this change. It shows the retail locations are not focused on getting people to buy more things, but to experience them. One of my favorite things about visiting Apple is walking in and not being hounded by sales people trying to get their commission. I can just wander around and experience the products how I want to and make the decision I think is best for myself.


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Sep 15, 2012
I am surprised "Fifth avenue" isn't a trademark by Saks. And some of the other famous location names too by other entities.


Sep 4, 2012
Midwest, USA
Personally I hope they drop all the extra nonsense around their other product lines. No more iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc. Just Macs! It's so much simpler! And no more iPhone or iPad, just Phones and Pads!

I truly don't care about this slight change haha. I just can't resist an opportunity to be sarcastic.
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