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Apr 12, 2001

Colorado resident Christopher Bryan on Wednesday filed a class action lawsuit against Apple that accuses the company of fraudulently marketing and selling the sixth-generation iPad mini despite being aware of a so-called "jelly scrolling" defect with the device, according to court documents reviewed by MacRumors.


A few days after the sixth-generation iPad mini was released in September, some users started to notice that text was appearing slightly uneven while scrolling in portrait orientation on the device. Specifically, text on the left side of the screen appears to ever so slightly lag behind text on the right side of the screen while scrolling.

The complaint, filed in Northern California district court, alleges that Apple is aware of the defect, yet continues to sell the iPad mini without fixing the defect or amending its marketing materials to reflect the existence of the defect.

In late September, an Apple spokesperson said the effect is "normal behavior for LCD screens," according to Ars Technica's Andrew Cunningham. iFixit also said the effect is common for displays, but the repair company speculated that it may be more prominent on the new iPad mini due to the display's controller board being mounted vertically inside the device, rather than horizontally like in the fourth-generation iPad Air.

The lawsuit seeks damages in an amount to be proven at trial for any person in the United States who purchased a new sixth-generation iPad mini. The proposed class still has to be certified before the class action lawsuit can proceed.

Article Link: Apple Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over 'Jelly Scrolling' on iPad Mini
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Why didn’t he take advantage of the return policy? He had 30 days to decide 🤨

Not sure what’s going to happen to this lawsuit. But I had a feeling this was coming. Apple might as well send him a new iPad mini without the jelly scrolling or he can just purchase the iPad Pro models? That’s a good alternative too.


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Sep 29, 2014
I would take a loss and buy an updated model if they could fix the issue. Its something I noticed right out of the box but like it too much otherwise to send it back. It just leaves me hopeful something will change in the future if nothing else, move the controller back to the orientation used on the 5th gen. I never saw it with that one.

Edit: I had to add to this. No, it really sucks that its so visible, no need to hold back. I am living with it but wish all the time it was not a thing.


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Oct 23, 2020
Just to be clear, this lawsuit concerns complaints that a technology operates the way it is understood to operate.

How about we open a class action lawsuit complaining that the iPad doesn’t **** out jelly flavored donuts from it’s charging port? I want donuts!
These lawsuits are tiring. This is a free market economy, if you don’t like the product, buy something else next time. Bad product design is not illegal.
I don’t understand why people don’t take advantage of the return policy. It’s there for a reason.

Not happy with it… return it. Simple as that.


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Aug 3, 2020
I recently got a mini 6.
If I pay attention I can see it. But if I’m just reading stuff as I usually would, I don’t notice it.

Also, it’s noticeable on my iPad Air 3, too. Not as pronounced by far, but it does have it.

I wonder how many less tech-savvy people wouldn’t have noticed it or not seen it as a defect/error/issue if it hadn’t been pointed out in reviews.
It’s been clarified a couple of times now that it’s present in any LCD to a certain degree, after all, and I can’t remember ever seeing people complaining about it before.


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Oct 6, 2008
Jelly scrolling is really not noticeable...but the frame drops on the Mini 6 are very noticeable. It is the one iOS device I own that "feels" laggy (And that is comparing to other 60hz screens, even the $329 iPad.) I feel they may have silently binned the GPU in the mini and it can't handle the resolution. Reminds me of the first retina iPad (3 I think?) where the processor just couldn't handle the massive resolution increase.


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Apr 18, 2018
So if I it says common on this type of display. Do they get sued to. No wonder courts are all jammed up
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