Apple Initiates Repair Program for 2011-2013 MacBook Pros With Video Issues

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    So you tell us in a thread about failing dGPUs of 2011 MBP 15" that you never had problems with your apple gear and that apple products are reliable - although you had the same problem. But you did not even tell us this?

    BTW: nearly every dGPU in too thin Mac products had/have issues.
    BTW: because of thermal problems also your 2017 MBP ist "protected" by apple:
    You might think your CPU (sic!) ist as fast as apple tells you - in fact, this changes just at the moment you want to profit from the claimed fastness of the (turbo-)fast CPUs - the CPU gets rapidly extremely hot if you try to use it for high-demanding action. Not only will the OSX rapidly stop turbo boost, but also slow down the claimed potential of your CPU.

    apple is like someone selling you a car pretending that it will run 200km/h - but in fact it will run 200 km/h just for some seconds and then go down to 80km/h....

    So - apple´s CPUs are indeed as fast as claimed.... just to the moment you want to really use them *LOL*

    apple had always thermal problems with their laptops/Notebooks. And will always have.

    First reason (historical and traditional problem) is that Steve Jobs himself hated to hear fans - so he advised his engineers to hold down their idle rpm until the CPU/GPU gets nearly baken - and only then the ventilators start to work faster.

    second reason (and extremely growing problem) are the ridiculous priorities of the so-called "designer" Joni Ive (Whom I would call just a bad stylist, not more than that) whose priorities are since years:

    "Function follows form"
    "Reliability follows gimmicks"
    "Ergonometric science is BS - the product has just to look nice"
    "Who needs functioning keyboards?"
    "Nobody needs connectivity"
    "We bought fashion companies to produce nice, expensive bags for your bunch of adapters"
    "Third party Companies produce perfect reliable cables - but our cables are whiter"
    "Weight counts for selling useless computers - customers don´t understand that sparing some internal connectors means 5x the weight of adaptors and a multiple space needed in their pockets"

    and so on....

    the very last products Joni Ive did well were the iPhone 5/SE and the classic MacPro. Perhaps the form factor of the 2011/2013 MBPs - if he was searching then for (indeed possible) solution of their thermal problems they could have been well-done. But he did not even give a S*** about resolving thermal problems getting live-threatening for the MB/MBPs...

    But he is nothing but mannish about "thinness" - at every cost (It is just the dump customer who pays, not him or apple themselves)

    My list of MBP-problems I experienced:

    Switching from Toshiba Pro-Notebooks and IBM Thinkpads and Panasonic Roughbooks of the Pro-line (both NEVER EVER failed albeit more or less careless working with them in 2008 for long years)

    2008 MBP: Death by GPU-problem just after ending of warranty.
    2011 MBP: Three keyboards dead: one during warranty, one just 5 (FIVE!!) days after end of warranty (they did not repair it - no way!) and just 2 years ago the third keyboard failed.
    Every time the same problem: The keys in the center of the QWERTY-line didn´t respond no more. Evidently a thermal problem as well. Same MBP had the classic dGPU-Problem 2 years ago - I had good chance that apple prolonged their repair-program just before for another year.
    Somewhere in-between the apple- battery had swollen overnight and deformed the lower housing and nearly put out the trackpad. And: NO. the battery was well treated by me and had just about 500 chargings behind.
    My 2012 cMBP: same issue with the keyboard (non-responding keys from T to i in the QWERTY-Line).
    The repair service told me, that they have always at least a dozen of MBP-keyboards because they earn a lot of money repairing them.

    I am not even mentioning the 3 failing chargers over the years (demanteling of the isolation and broken inner cables of the absolutely non-reliable DC-cable between Charger and MBP) If you claim this to be an exception: look at Ebay for them where they sell them in hundreds for 15 USD and look at Amazon where they sell tens of thousands replacement DC-cables (NEVER EVER had a charger problem with any electronic product before in my life - until I became an apple-customer)..

    Well - so much for reliability of MBPs...

    There is evidence that Joni Ive even did worst with the new keyboards: This time it is not (only) overheating, now they have even serious mechanical problems nearly from the very beginning ... what a shame for apple who "once upon a time" had been respected for their well-usable keyboards which were on par with the excellent Toshiba and IBM keyboards.... but well - this was in former apple-times.... when they cared about customers.... a long, long, very long time ago...

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    Anyone else still trying to get their machine repaired under this program?

    I have an early 2013 rMBP (256GB SSD, 8GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, 2.4GHz i7) that I purchased in the holidays of 2013... I've had a persistent video issue for years despite Apple replacing my logic board in winter 2015 (for free, under AppleCare). During start-up, the display shows static (- not my video, but looks just like this) as well as artifacts on the screen when doing CPU intensive work (Premiere CC, Lightroom CC)...

    Once my AppleCare ran out I figured I was out of luck... but once I found out about the extended repair program for video issues, I got in touch with Apple.

    Beginning 12/15/17, I've been working with Apple Support over the phone to try and get my machine repaired (no local Apple retail store). Although I was technically JUST past the 4 year deadline from date of purchase (, my rep was able to squeeze me in since I had sent the machine in for repair in the past... During our conversation, i was also asked if I had any other issues with the machine and explained that my battery was kinda shot (which I kinda expected in a 4 year old machine) and was surprised when they offered a free battery replacement in addition to fixing the video issue...

    I was told that repair depot didn't have the parts available to repair the video issues or battery so I waited 30 days but the parts were still unavailable mid-January.

    Then I was offered two options: (1) continue to wait until the part is in stock (no ETA) and they’ll repair my machine for free when available or (2) get $750 off a like-for-like 2017 MBP. At first the rep told me that this offer only applied to the non-tB MBP but after giving them a hard time about the dedicated graphics card, it sounds like I’d be “allowed” to purchase the base tbMBP model (aka $2300+ out-of-pocket)

    I'm curious if anyone else is in a similar situation with this program or if anyone has any advice... at this point I’ve waited over 45 days for the parts to be in stock, and the video issue is getting worse. I’ve been patient and understanding so far but feel like their offer of $750 off a new machine was inadequate - I don’t feel that forcing me into a $2300+ upgrade in order to get a functioning machine is fair but cant put off my work much longer...
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    Any new news on this? Just curious cause my machine is exhibiting video issues and I'm going to get it repaired because of the program.
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    I doubt it, the program finished nearly a year ago...

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