Apple Introduces 'Animoji' as iPhone X Exclusive Feature


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Apr 12, 2001

With every new iPhone release, Apple introduces a new "magical" feature like Live Photos, and in the iPhone X, that new unique, Apple-only feature is Animoji, a new set of emoji-style characters that animate based on an iPhone user's facial expression.

Animoji take advantage of the new TrueDepth front-facing camera, which powers Face ID and features several new 3D sensors to detect your facial expressions. The TrueDepth camera analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots projected onto your face to get a precise depth map that's able to accurately translate your own facial movements to the Animoji.

When used for Animoji, the TrueDepth camera is able to analyze more than 50 muscle movements in different areas of your face to mimic your speech patterns and expressions. It detects movement of the eyebrows, cheeks, chin, eyes, jaw, lips, eyes, and mouth.

There are 12 different Animoji to choose from, modeled after existing emoji characters: monkey, robot, cat, dog, alien, fox, poop, pig, panda, rabbit, chicken, and unicorn.

Animoji exist in the Messages app alongside stickers, emoji, and other Messages apps. You can use Animoji to record and send messages to friends, with the characters mimicking your movements and using your voice.

Animoji are exclusive to the iPhone X and won't be available until the device launches later this fall. Apple plans to accept iPhone X pre-orders starting on October 27, with an official launch coming on November 3.

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May 6, 2008
I finally see why Tim says Apple is making the world a better place... animated poop emojis... got it. :rolleyes:

Seriously, wouldn't it be a little more personal to get an actual video of the person talking to you... which you can already do? I think the novelty of this would wear off pretty quickly with all but pre-teen girls.


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Jul 21, 2010
was here to complain, then changed my mind.

glad to see this instead of "Apple registered 10 new emojis"


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Sep 16, 2016
Like I said in the other post, for a mere $200 premium over the 8, you can turn your face into an animated pile of poo. Hard pass.

I want the iOS engineers to work hard at making iOS more like Mac OS, making it truly useful as a laptop alternative on iPad. Animojis don’t appeal to most of us at all. What “pro” is going to send an animated poo emoji besides during the keynote demo? And how many pre-teen kids will be buying iPhone X?

I’m blaming Snapchat for this nonsense.
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Feb 23, 2010
If I am brutally honest, whilst a bit of fun, and they did get your general expressions.
Given the many many thousands of data points, I was not really that amazed at the tracking of your mouth onto the cartoon character.


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Sep 15, 2014
I really want the X model, but I don't think I will ever be using this feature.

Can someone tell me the distinct features missing from 8 Plus and X models?
Screen and emoji thingy aside? 200$ must get something more right?
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