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Apr 12, 2001

A blog reports on an interesting comment by Apple COO Tim Cook during last week's Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium. Cook revealed that Apple has edged past Dell and is now the #1 laptop supplier in higher education:
"We just received word on Monday that Apple surpassed Dell as the number one supplier of portables to US higher education for 2007," Cook claimed. "The ceiling for the Macs is nowhere in sight. Even if the market itself isn't growing, for us, switching Windows users is an enormous opportunity," Cook also added.
This finding corroborates an increasing number of anecdotal reports that Apple's popularity has been booming in Universities settings. Apple's success is even more striking when compared to 2006 numbers. At that time, a survey across 100 college campuses showed that 40% of students were planning on buying a Dell laptop, while only 21% were planning on buying an Apple laptop.

Apple has also started efforts to integrate the iPhone into university settings with pilot programs expected to start shortly.

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Sep 20, 2005
New Jersey
This is a very nice accomplishment! And it totally shows... I've been noticing more MacBooks and MacBook Pros more than ever lately here at the college.


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May 5, 2007
Apple has also started efforts to integrate the iPhone into university settings with pilot programs expected to start shortly.

Just in case anyone is looking and taking suggestions 802.1X please.

Great news on the Macs though, they do seem to be everywhere at my school.


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Jul 18, 2007
A university in my area (Acadia) have, to the best of my knowledge, added Apple notebooks to the list of approved hardware for this school year (right now the list includes Apple, Toshiba, and Dell), where-as previously they used a specific model of Dell (I believe it was the Latitude D830?)

Good to see that Apple is once again being brought to the forefront and being recognized as a technological leader when it comes to education. I remember way back when Apple's older Macintosh computers were all that were used in schools, but somewhere in the last 8 years or so everything has transitioned over to PCs from what I have seen, it would be great to see those PCs replaced with Apple computers once again.


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Feb 5, 2008
Nice, but important to realise that Windows based laptops still dominate overall. Apple's market share in the US education market is probably about 30- 35% (and we need to be clear if they've actually increased substantially or if Dell has just fallen away and been replaced by HP or Acer) which means Windows based machines still account for about two-thirds of sales.

Also, Apple lead the stakes in Europe too but, again, their European overall share is only about 16%.

Important to realise that this is nice but really just spin.


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Jan 13, 2008
Proud university student MacBook owner :D

Most of my friends are on Macs, and we've convinced at least one of the two that aren't to make the switch when she can afford it. Her PC fizzled out, and she's on an old Ubuntu machine of mine until she can get a refurb MacBook.

My girlfriend converted her research professor (a Novel prize winning one, at that!) My own research professor is already on a MacBook Pro for his portable with a Scientific Linux-equipped Dell for his desktop.

I'm still working on switching some of my fellow physics majors. They're a stubborn bunch, though. But every day they complain about their Vista laptop's battery after a mere half hour of use, and I respond that I'm on my third or fourth hour. Makes me really realize how much so many of us don't appreciate our Mac notebooks' battery lives when in the Windows world it's often much, much worse. Not to mention, they always have to wait several minutes for their notebooks to come to life while I just pop mine open and am ready to go :) I'm hoping they'll soon see the light.


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Jan 3, 2003
London, UK
Yeah, I think the Mac + OmniOutliner is a win for students. OneNote is meant to be good on the Windows side of things however, but I haven't tried it.

Have spent a few days looking for a Windows Outliner application that is as intuitive (not even considering how powerful the software is) as OmniOutliner. Failed.

Still, for note taking in class (what's wrong with a pen and paper?) the newly emerged generation of small cheap laptops like the EeePC will start getting popular.


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Jul 18, 2007
Yeah, I think the Mac + OmniOutliner is a win for students. OneNote is meant to be good on the Windows side of things however, but I haven't tried it.
I find that OneNote is only useful when you're using a Tablet PC, not for all purpose note taking.

Spanky Deluxe

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Mar 17, 2005
London, UK
I've been saying this for a while now. All staff members and about 75% of all students here in my department (Astronomy) have Apple laptops.


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Jun 19, 2003
yes indeed

and the MBA is sold out, all round the world....

good times. goooood times. :D


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Jun 20, 2007
I just went back to get my BS 2yrs ago. I bought a MBP for school and some work stuff. Single best purchase I've made in the past 5yrs. :)


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Mar 9, 2006
I can say that in the past year or so, I've often seen more Mac laptops than any other at my school. Maybe it's that they're more noticeable, but standing at the front of a full lecture hall, you can often see Mac laptops far outnumbering others.


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Sep 18, 2003
London, UK
Nice to see the US effort is going well. Now they need to start thinking about other education markets - they are still nowhere in UK universities, last time I checked.


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Feb 27, 2008
Well, I think there's less incentive to switch people now, that it's happening on it's own. I don't really feel that impetus anymore. People know about Macs now and are willing to buy 'em now.
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