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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today shared four new iPad Pro ads on its YouTube channel, which are focused on highlighting the features of the tablet and pointing out its benefits over a computer.

Each of the four ads is 16 seconds in length and starts out with a tweet a user has shared, either about the iPad Pro itself or a situation where an iPad Pro would be useful.

The first video opens with a person holding up a printed tweet that reads "An iPad Pro is not even close to being a computer." Apple's voiceover explains the benefits of the iPad Pro, pointing out LTE, the touchscreen that supports the Apple Pencil, and its speed.

Well, iPad Pro isn't a computer. It's actually faster than most laptops, has LTE like your phone, and a touchscreen you can write on. So you're kind of right.
The second video also focuses on the iPad Pro's LTE functionality, allowing users to get cellular service anywhere, while the third video points out that Microsoft Word is available on the device.

Apple's final video focuses on viruses, starting out with the tweet "My laptop has the nastiest virus and I'm terrified" and going on to explain that the iPad Pro doesn't get viruses.

Yeah, that is scary. You know an iPad Pro doesn't get PC viruses. So relax. There's nothing to be afraid of. EXCEPT GHOSTS!
All four of the videos use real tweets from real people, but Apple uses actors in the videos to hold up the signs and do the voiceovers. This is a new iPad Pro ad campaign for Apple, but it is similar to past iPad Pro ads the company has shared, which have also highlighted features like the touchscreen, Apple Pencil, multitasking, Smart Keyboard, and more.

Today's ads come as Apple is rumored to be preparing to launch an updated iPad Pro. Rumors suggest the device will have an upgraded processor and a new design with an edge-to-edge display. The refreshed tablet is rumored to be coming as soon as March, but it's not yet quite clear exactly when we'll see it.

Article Link: Apple Launches New Twitter-Based Ad Series Promoting iPad Pro
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May 16, 2003
How on earth can they promote it being better than a computer when you can not even share your screen? That is a fundamental function in any serious business. I can basically not use my iPad for work since a lot of our work is remote and screen-sharing. A devoted apple fan since 1993. This is bad Apple. Shape up. Why on earth should it not be possible to share my screen?


macrumors Penryn
Nov 14, 2011
I'm sure most here will hate these ads but all I can say is where have they been all this time? So much better than the your verse campaign. Short and sweet and perfect for TV which is where they better end up. I see Microsoft commercials on TV every day. I hardly ever see Apple commercials on TV anymore.


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May 29, 2011
Portland, OR
So Apple is using a dead platform (Twitter) to promote a dead product (iPad Pro).
Meh, it won't matter. Pretty soon Apple will end up being a dead brand too. You can't keep a company alive off of overpriced watch bands.
Yep, Watch Bands are the only reason the company is still alive. Your comment is extremely factual and well thought out. you win the award for best post of 2017 so far.


macrumors Penryn
Nov 14, 2011
Weak adverts. But Tim Cook seems to love the iPad Pro more than the Mac.

Strange time to make new iPad Pro adverts when the line up of iPads should be refreshed soon. Unless they are trying to get rid of excess old supply.
Why? I doubt new iPads are going to have a radical new look or functionality that would make these ads obsolete. But I don't know what took them so long to do something like this. So much more relatable to the average person than showing someone on a mountain top of deep sea diving.


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May 28, 2009
Montreal, Canada
Bad ads. The humor isn't very funny and the selling points are pretty weak.

Better Than A Computer
About speed: It's faster than most laptops if you compare it to a laptop that's either cheap or old. Make a valid comparison (a new laptop in a similar price range) and the iPad Pro is not very powerful.
About LTE: Doesn't come standard, and considering it's $130 upfront, requires a separate data plan and you can easily tether from your phone's LTE for free, the LTE version isn't very attractive for consumers (who these ads are targeted at).
About it having a touchscreen: almost all devices besides Macs have one nowadays. And Apple is trying to steal sales from buyers of relatively cheap Windows laptops, not Mac buyers. Those usually have touchscreens as well.

Don't hunt for Wi-Fi:
Again, no mention that LTE is a $130 optional feature. I'd figure a student would just use tethering from its phone rather than buy a new device + the extra $130 option + a second data plan.

Do more with Word:
Word is on iPad, cool. Now how exactly do you "do more" on an iPad Pro vs Word for Windows? Let's be honest, Microsoft Office is better used on a Windows laptop than on an iPad Pro, even if you bought the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

No PC viruses:
The one is probably the most valid selling point of the bunch, but then again it's not a very exclusive feature considering a bunch of other devices (iPhones, Macs, Android devices, Chromebooks) don't either. What if someone already does his content consumption on an iPhone and real work on a Mac?

I own an iPad Pro 9.7" and love it. But those ads are really far from depicting the reasons why I do. Apple tries really hard to promote the iPad Pro as something it's not.
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Jul 21, 2011
The iPad Pro has replaced a laptop for many people. It can also do things a laptop can't. Both these things are true. But it is not a laptop replacement for all, and it can't do some things a laptop can do.

So both arguments are right. It just depends on what type of user you are.

I kinda fall somewhere in the middle. The iPad has replaced my laptop for many uses. But I still need a laptop/computer for other uses. I imagine that's the way it'll be for a long while.


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May 17, 2011
Safari doesn't even let me look at the complete URL on my iPad Pro! I really like the iPad, but it's not much more than a great toy next to my rMBP.
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Mar 28, 2005
I love my iPad but it doesn't replace my macs, and I can't see it doing so in anything like its current form, ever, for a variety of reasons. And if I could only keep one, it wouldn't be the iPad. Fortunately I don't have to choose.

Likewise, I need a full computer. My macs work fine for now but if Apple won't make a suitable computer for me when I need to buy a new one, an iPad won't cut it as that, no matter how many ads or tweets try to convince me otherwise.
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