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Apr 12, 2001

Since launching in 2015, Apple Music has offered a three-month free trial to first-time subscribers, but the trial period has now been reduced.


Starting this week, Apple Music offers a shorter one-month free trial to first-time subscribers in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, and other countries. The change was first spotted by Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

Apple Music pricing remains unchanged, with an individual plan available for $9.99 per month in the United States after the one-month trial period.

For comparison, rival streaming music service Spotify typically offers a one-month free trial for its Premium tier, but it is currently offering a two-month trial as a limited time promotion in the United States and select other countries. Spotify is also offering a three-month free trial to first-time customers who sign up through PayPal.

Apple Music continues to offer a six-month free trial to customers who purchase eligible AirPods, Beats, or HomePod models for a limited time.

Article Link: Apple Music Reduces Free Trial Period to One Month
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Dec 13, 2021
And just last week my parents figured they'd try the service out for the first time and got the 3 months free. What fortunate timing.

I come from a different era of music listening, so I've never made use of any streaming service. Curated my library for the past 20 or so years.


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Apr 15, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
I think 3 months was fine. My girlfriend used it for a months and wasn't sure if she wants to keep using it. After 3 months she forgot that she is still on the trial period and kept it.

1 month is like a trial, 3 months and you take it for granted imho
I think thats what theyre counting on ;)


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Mar 22, 2020
I think 3 months was fine. My girlfriend used it for a months and wasn't sure if she wants to keep using it. After 3 months she forgot that she is still on the trial period and kept it.

1 month is like a trial, 3 months and you take it for granted imho
Exactly, you also build habits after 3 months
Also after 3 months of building playlists, it‘s a bit annoying to move to another service

But yes that must be expensive for Apple to offer 3 months


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Oct 2, 2008
Wow! Lucky me. I just signed up for a free trial yesterday on my new iPhone and I was offered the 3 month deal. ?


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Jan 4, 2008
Stuttgart, Germany
I have just started a six-month free trial of Apple Music, because I bought a Homepod Mini last year in September.

I was minded to dump Spotify after their recent controversies, and after I upgraded my iPhone I kept getting nagged that I had this benefit waiting for me, so the timing could not have worked out better.


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Jul 1, 2010
I dunno how but after updating my 12 Mini to iOS 15 last week, Apple offered Apple Music 6 months free. The notification said that the offer was 'cos of my Airpods (2nd gen). The only "huh?!" part of this equation is that my Airpods are 1,5 years old!! So, to my knowledge, I should NOT be getting this offer even if I'm a new subscriber to Apple Music. I jumped on the offer to save 200€uros (don't have to buy new Airpods to get 6 months...) and to ditch Spotify so win-win for me :cool:


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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA
Apple has been unusually generous with free service offers, likely the decreased free trial periods is related all the audio improvements such as lossless and spatial sound without a premium subscription. Comparably most VoD streaming providers wised up that lengthy free trials accomplished nothing.
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Oct 18, 2011
lol, it's trivial to stack AM free trials. I stretched them into 13 months free on the same account ID before eventually deciding I didn't need another music service and really grew to hate AM's recommendation engine (have had Spotify Premium since day 1 and use it the most, and get YouTube Music via YouTube Premium. But to each their own—no criticism intended of anyone else's preferences, use what works for you).

It takes a little effort, but things like the Shazam deals can apply even if you've already had a free trial, and they periodically "reset" the clock on whether you can take advantage of another one or not. Plus, pay for one month then cancel. Apple hates account churn and will start sending you "Won't you try us again? Here's [1, 3 or 5] months free!" emails, which are also stackable.
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Aug 6, 2015
For everybody here considering leaving Spotify for Neil Young’s “cause”, I would encourage you to look into it deeper, as Neil Young might have just been bought off by Amazon, actively promoting it to his fans. Amazon, of all services! He is not mentioning Tidal and Apple Music, both of which have HiFi options. This whole story is fishy, IMO, just look it up!
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