Apple Raising App Store Pricing in Canada and Six Other Markets

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 18, 2016.

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    These are not "their" products. These are third-party apps. 70% of the price goes to the developers. This is more about app developers not being forced to cut their prices to your currency's weakness.

    And to be precise, Apple isn't changing product prices, but tier prices. That means App developers who disagree with this increase could choose to lower their prices by moving to a lower tier.
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    Depends on the beer. My beer doesn't comes in 24s; but I'd easily pay that for 24 bottles. In USD.
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    They passed it on to developers. Anyway, prices are rounded. Let's say 1.70 of your currency is worth one dollar, then then tiers are likely $0.99 -> 1.99, $1.99 -> 2.99, $2.99 -> 4.99 and so on.

    But you seem to be under the impression that Apple has to pay 8bn euros for some reason. They don't. 8bn is a random number that someone working for Bloomberg calculated.
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    If you sell the app in another country, you should be expect to paid in that countries amount not US, its irrelevant if you live in the US or not as a developer. Apple is also not looking out for the developer, but their own shareholders. Thats's it.

    Also, actually, when apple changed hardware prices recently they added an extra $40 in it on top of the currency change. so, take your blinders off.
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    you are right, Apple is only looking at their bottom line, either way why should someone who lives in France have to pay more for a app than someone in China?

    Should a car sold in US for $15,000 also sell in Europe for 15,000 Euros? What exactly are you suggesting lol
    What is 'that countries amount'?

    If a company has a product that cost $100 USD to make and adds $50 USD margin should they sell it for $150 Canadian dollars too and make only $3 in Canadian sales?

    They have access to much more information than we do and likely added that $40 as a safety net. Would you rather they adjust their hardware prices daily? At THAT particular time it might have been $40 more but look at the prices today.

    13in Macbook Pro (US) = $1299 US

    13in Macbook Pro (CAD) = $1549 CAD

    $1 USD = $1.45 CAD

    So $1299 USD ~ $1880 CAD
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    The NZ store is now using the new pricing, but there are some promotional titles for $0.99.

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