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Apr 12, 2001

After releasing tvOS 15.1.1 for the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K yesterday, Apple today introduced a new 15.1.1 software update designed for the HomePod.


According to Apple's release notes for the update, it addresses a problem that could cause podcasts to fail to play on the HomePod and HomePod mini.

‌‌‌‌‌‌HomePod‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ software is installed automatically on the ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌HomePod‌‌‌ unless the feature is disabled‌‌‌‌, but the ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌HomePod‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ can also be manually updated in the Home app by following the instructions in our HomePod‌‌ update how to.

The HomePod 15.1.1 software comes a week after the launch of HomePod 15.1, an update that added Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio support to the HomePod. Lossless Audio is available on both the ‌HomePod‌ and ‌HomePod mini‌, while Spatial Audio is available on the larger-sized and now-discontinued ‌HomePod‌.

Apple this week also introduced the HomePod mini in three new colors that include orange, yellow, and blue.

Article Link: Apple Releases HomePod Software 15.1.1 With Podcasts Bug Fix


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Aug 16, 2015
Before you upgrade, ask Siri to play the latest news, ‘I’m sorry there’s a problem with Apple Podcasts’.
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Mar 30, 2004
HomePod Software 15.1.1. HomePod isn't important enough to get a stylized OS name, such as homePodOS, homeOS, or audioOS (internal name).

Orange Bat

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Mar 21, 2021
The HomePod Mini Event a couple of weeks back was exciting, but I’m still waiting on word about a HomePod Max. Any news or rumors? /s
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Jan 22, 2013
Hmm, hope it has more than just podcast fixes…all our Homepods have been a bit wonky since 15 and 15.1…

I'll check this after the update, but the last version really messed with the touch controls. Previously I could say "Play LBC" (radio channel) and, stop it quickly by tapping the top centre of the HomePod. As of the last release that didn't work, and I had to double-tap the HomePod to make it go quiet. As for the touch controls for volume, single tap didn't work. Instead, it would delay for several seconds and say something like "decrease volume", without actually decreasing the volume. That proved to be a pain when I directed an incoming call at the HomePod: the volume almost blew the ceiling off my room. Here's hoping...


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Nov 11, 2018
I've had a few bugs with my HomePod mini, hope this fixes them.

- Wifi connectivity is spotty, often unresponsive or Airplay cuts out very frequently
- Handoff from iPhone to HomePod mini either doesn't work or causes the iPhone to freeze.
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Mar 30, 2004
The main thing wrong with that is that the word "audio" does not end with a consonant.
Also, audio is not part of HomePod's branding.

iPadOS: iPad Pro
tvOS: Apple TV
OS: MacBook
watchOS: Apple Watch

Also, the term audioOS is just vague enough to be associated with Apple's more popular audio product line, AirPods, which does not use the same OS that powers HomePods.

The same can be said about iOS, which I think should be renamed to phoneOS. But at least "i" now invokes iPhone more than any other Apple products (including its predecessors iMac and iPod).

homeOS is probably more appropriate, and I suspect that should Apple create additional smart home products, it would use a derivative of the OS that is powering HomePods.
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Nov 20, 2002
Hope it also add lossless and spatial audio for my original HomePod. Setting wasn’t there with the 15.1 update using the Home app on my phone or Mac….. ah. Just realised my phone is not on 15.1 but the HomePod is. And Mac is still on Big Sur. that’s maybe the problems doh.


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Jan 6, 2004
Looks like you can see the wifi network your Homepod mini is on now. This was not working for me on 15.1
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