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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released iOS 14.0.1, the first update to the iOS 14 operating system that was released on September 16. Today's update is a bug fix update addressing issues that weren't able to be fixed in the initial iOS 14 launch.


The iOS 14.0.1 update is available on all eligible devices over-the-air in the Settings app. To access the new software, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

iOS 14.0.1 fixes a bug that could cause third-party apps set as the default to reset after the iPhone is restarted. It also addresses a bug that could prevent the iPhone from connecting to some WiFi networks, and fixes an issue that could prevent sending email with some mail carriers. Apple's release notes are below:
This update includes bug fixes for your iPhone.
- Fixes an issue that could cause default browser and mail settings to reset after restarting your iPhone
- Addresses an issue that could prevent camera previews from displaying on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
- Fixes an issue that could prevent your iPhone from connecting to Wi-Fi networks
- Resolves an issue that could prevent sending email with some mail providers
- Addresses an issue that could prevent images from appearing in the News widget
- For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:
Apple has also released new updates for iPadOS 14.0.1, tvOS 14.0.1, and watchOS 7.0.1, all of which are bug fix updates. iPadOS 14.0.1 addresses the same bugs as iOS 14.0.1, and according to Apple's release notes, watchOS 7.0.1 fixes an issue where some payment cards in Wallet were disabled for some users.

Article Link: Apple Releases iOS 14.0.1 With Fix for Bug That Resets Default Apps After Rebooting
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Jun 22, 2010
I hope it also fixes the problem that in some scenarios email links still open up in Apple Mail instead of the selected email app (not referring to the reboot problem).

I have Outlook on my iPhone the only way I could prevent the Apple mail app from showing up is deleting it. However, if you like the Apple Mail app on your watch, you need to keep it installed on your phone.


It does fix the reboot issue. However, the other strange issue still persists. When I click on an email via the Contacts application or a third party application it opens up Outlook (set as default). However, if you select an email on a webpage in Safari or in a message in iMessage, it opens up Apple Mail (if it is still installed).

Can anyone confirm this behavior?
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manu chao

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Jul 30, 2003
Does it fix the issue of springboard crashing? I’ve had my iPad crash (black screen with progress spinner) and return to the lock screen, I think three times since upgrading to iOS 14?


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Jan 29, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio
anyone else have icons in different sizes on their ipads? I've rebooted a couple of times and it's not helped.

I had the problem when I upgraded to the GM version of iPad OS 14. Never had that issues in the betas. I haven't seen it yet after several reboots, but hoping they fixed that.
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