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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today uploaded a new MacBook Pro ad to its YouTube channel, showcasing the machine's Touch Bar and comparing it to major inventions throughout time.

Called "Bulbs," the ad features hundreds of exploding lightbulbs alongside brief glimpses of world-changing innovations, starting with fire and running through tilling, blacksmithing, trains, flight, the telephone, the typewriter, toilet paper, the microwave, the television, the freezer, cameras, computers, robotics, and space flight before finishing with a glimpse of the new MacBook Pro.

The ad ends with the lines "Ideas push the world forward" and "Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come" as a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is displayed. In line with the rest of the ad, an image of a lightbulb is briefly shown on the MacBook Pro's screen before being exploded and unexploded via a quick gesture on the Touch Bar.

Introduced in October, the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar began arriving in the hands of customers earlier this week and is now available for purchase in some Apple retail stores.

The new MacBook Pro features the first major redesign to the MacBook Pro in four years. It includes a new Touch Bar, Skylake processors, a thinner, smaller body, a larger trackpad, a new keyboard, and more.

Article Link: Apple Releases New 'Bulbs' MacBook Pro Ad Highlighting Touch Bar
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Jul 22, 2003
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I think the Touch Bar is a neat future, to be honest. The Function key row goes unused for most people in their daily computing and this lets that space be what it needs to be. You don't need to sell me on that, Apple.

You just need to put it on a computer that's more function for everything else.


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Dec 9, 2008
"How do we advertise our new MacBook Pros?"

"Obviously we start with malfunctioning light bulbs."

"Oh, of course! And they need to be in a line, too!"

"Exactly. People won't be able to see this ad and think anything but 'MacBook Pro with Touch Bar'."


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May 30, 2010
Each lightbulb represents another European pre-orderer's patience every time they see another American post pictures of waltzing into an Apple Store and scoring BTO configs while we have no progress... :p
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