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Oct 18, 2013
Secret conversations only happens in Signal/Telegram ?

"At the end of the email chain, an Apple employee asked if Shhumeyko was free for a chat.
"What’s the number you use for Signal/Telegram? We will assign a member of the team to reach out," the employee wrote."


May 13, 2010
Tim Cook got no chill. He has had enough of the leakers. For one, Apple does not have a lot to share lately, and even the little they do gets out already thanks to these leakers. It is an issue, yes.
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Analog Kid

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Mar 4, 2003
Pretty sneaky on Apple's part if the story is true.
As far as I can tell, it wasn’t motivated by Apple, but this guy trying to ”redeem” himself with a payday.

If this was Apple’s doing, there’d be compensation involved.

Apple has money for this anti-consumer garbage but apparently none for proper quality control for the App Store or AirPods or MacBook hinges or keyboards or …

Thanks Tim.

Protip: read before ranting. This guy specifically says he’s going public because Apple didn’t have money for this garbage.

But to your larger point that Apple should let their IP leak freely until they ship billions of units defect free: ??‍♂️


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Aug 8, 2013
I used to say Apple reminded me of Scientology with their secrecy.

Still does.

Both terribly paranoid and neither has anything of value worth keeping secret. Well Apple used to.

What are you talking about?! If it weren't for those pesky leakers, Apple would completely surprise us with...annual spec bump updates to all their already existing products. :rolleyes:

Phil Schiller: "Can't innovate anymore, my ass!"
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