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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan update to developers, just under one week after releasing the first OS X El Capitan update, OS X 10.11.1.

The new beta can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center and through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store.


It is not known what improvements the second update to OS X El Capitan will bring, but it's likely to focus on bug fixes, security enhancements, and performance improvements to address issues that have been discovered since the release of OS X 10.11.1. According to Apple's release notes, focus areas for the beta include Graphics, Mail, Wi-Fi, Calendar, USB, Notes, Photos, and Spotlight.

Article Link: Apple Seeds First OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan Beta to Developers


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Mar 24, 2010
I know it's early, but does it fix the aliases not showing up in Mail issue? Or the weird auto brightness and contrast making the screen washed out issue?

All bug fixes are appreciated, of course. :)


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Aug 10, 2007
I'm a rolling stone.
Normally I reach my max. download speed when updating, even if it's just released, download will finish in under 5 minutes, now about 1 ½ hours to go.

I hope they will add RAID support in the new Disk Utility...
Add missing Disk Utility features and I'll die happily thank you bye

Completely agree, DiskUtility is a mess right now.

Edit: changed my DNS to googles DNS, finishing in 3 minutes. :)
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Jun 23, 2015
Anyone notice any differences? Any problems?

I wish the comments with these beta releases would focus on these two questions, instead of everything else...


May 20, 2015
I hope it fixes that iCloud is permanently asking for my password. That issue came with the final version of 10.11.1, never had this before since the first El Capitan beta.
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Nov 5, 2007
Almost at build number 30! Someone at Apple has been busy, bet they have been working on 10.11.2 for some time.....


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Sep 7, 2003
Western USA
Add missing Disk Utility features and I'll die happily thank you bye

Which features?

EDIT: Just read that there is zero raid support in El Capitan Disk Utility. Wow... this is a huge mistake and will guarantee we won't be moving to El Capitan in our studio until they fix it. We run all of our projects on mirrored drives in our Mac Pro towers. There is no way we'd be willing to give up that data security for the new El Capitan features. This is a massive mistake on Apple's part.


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Jan 26, 2003
For the love of everything holy and the sake of my sanity, I hope they finally do something about the abysmal SMB performance that has plagued Macs since Mavericks. I noticed a very slight improvement in 10.11.1 but I hope like hell that's not the extent of it. El Capitan is still insanely freakin' slow compared to Windows PCs or older Macs (10.7 and earlier.) There's just no excuse for this not to have been fixed by now.


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Nov 2, 2012
Does it fix Photos looking GREEN when you load them in Preview? A really annoying bug!
It was fixed in 10.11.1 beta but came back in 10.11.1 final.
While the "green JPG in Preview" is really embarrasing, I'd would much prefer for the SATA-USB3 adapter to start working again, like it does in Mavericks.... :)
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