Apple Seeds Third Beta of Upcoming macOS Catalina 10.15.3 Update to Developers


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Jan 27, 2020
My below bugs are related to my photo library stored on external drive, photo library on external drive is set as "system photo library"
1)Photo stream synchronization bug - when my external drive is disconnected I no longer receive notifications when someone add photo to my shred photo stream In the next step when I connect external drive and open photos then I don't see those photo stream updates I need to disable photo streams and enable one again then all my photos stream updates are in place. This is weird behavior on previous macOS Mojave version even my external drive has been disconnected I was able to receive those notifications and when my external drive has been connected every updates has been in place, so this behavior is a huge step back according to previous version macOS Mojave and keeping my photo library set as system library on macOS Catalina is really painful and not usable.
2) after opening and closing Photos App I'm not able to eject my external drive, in my opinion all photo library processes should be stopped after my request to eject external drive.

And in iCloud Settings in presences panel my iCloud profile photo is not synchronized with iCloud
Clean 10.15.3 Installed on my mid2017 MBP and all above issues are valid, really disappointing


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Apr 26, 2015
Do you see a "Library" section in the sidebar?

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Yes there was a library sidebar. I'm sorry for replying so late especially when I asked for helped and you replied. I finally got it to work by resetting everything and plugging my iPhone into my computer. out of nowhere my whole library just popped up.

Thank you