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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today added the M2 Ultra Mac Pro models to its online store for refurbished products in the United States, offering the newest version of the desktop machine at a discounted price for the first time since its launch.


A refurbished version of the base M2 Ultra Mac Pro with 24-core CPU, 60-core GPU, 64GB RAM, and 1TB SSD is priced at $5,949, $1,050 off of the regular $6,999 price for a 16 percent discount.

Apple has multiple M2 Ultra Mac Pro configurations available for purchase at the current time, all with similar discounts and up to $1,500 off of the standard price. Supplies of the M2 Ultra Mac Pro models will shift over time as Apple adds new machines, so if you're after a specific configuration, you may need to check the refurbished site often.

Introduced in June 2023, the M2 Ultra Mac Pro models were the final Macs to transition to Apple silicon. Aside from the new Apple chip design, the Mac Pro models have the same design as the prior-generation Intel Mac Pro. Refurbished Mac Pro models ship with power cord, a mouse, and a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID.

All of Apple's refurbished Macs are close to identical to new products. They are subject to a refurbishment process that includes full functionality testing, with any defective modules replaced, as well as a thorough cleaning and inspection. Refurbished products are eligible for AppleCare+ and have the same 14-day return period as new Apple devices.

Article Link: Apple Starts Selling Refurbished 2023 M2 Ultra Mac Pro at a Discount


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Jan 1, 2008
lmao you mean the Mini that literally no one cares about?
I'll bet more people care about buying a refurb iPhone 13 mini than a M2 Ultra Mac Pro.

I believe the 13 mini had a pretty significant boost in battery life vs. the 12 mini if I'm remembering correctly? Thus the waiting and watching for it to appear in the refurb/clearance store by mini lovers. I kinda want one as well. 😁


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Mar 10, 2009
That was quick.

Still can't get a refurb iPhone 13 Mini.

Most folks who bought a 13 Mini kept it. What probably seeing here is a substantially high number of folks buy, test-run , and then return a Mac Pro (for almost full refund ) . Apple can't sell them as 'new' anymore.

There is a much higher level of "I wonder how well this works" with the Mac Pro 2023 than the iPhone Mini. Honestly, that is not too surprising because the marketing message around the MP 2023 is pretty poor in substantively highlighting the areas where it has more traction. ( and there are lots of areas where it is simply isn't the same as previous version, modular GPU cards. ) . There are a much larger pool of customers who don't think they have enough knowledge to make a decision to basically "showroom" the model at work/home for a while to make up their mind.
[ Going to cost Apple a fair amount of money in shipping charges overhead. ]

The iPhone 13 Mini aren't being handed back to Apple. Apple might grumble at the numbers of people that bought them, but it was relatively well liked.


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Sep 16, 2014
I'm shocked there is no Iphone 14 mini. Hopefully the SE will continue to be updated.

Maybe they can just dump the now pointless Mac Pro, and devote that engineering into better, smaller, faster iPhones.
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