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    Feb 27, 2017
    My iPhone 6S Plus LCD screen had broken so I took it to the Apple Store to get repaired. I was told there was a 1% chance of it needing replaced and I shouldn't be worried. 2 hours later I came back to them telling me I needed it replaced and would cost me quite a bit of money. As I only had enough to get the screen replaced I told them I would be back in the next few days when I'd got the money. 4 days later I returned and I had discovered an old insurance plan was still getting paid and my phone was covered. I asked Apple If I could get the old broken phone as evidence of it needing replaced and they gave me it. When I got home I tried to turn it on and received a message on screen telling me to connect it to iTunes. I was shocked and plugged it into my computer. The device wasn't showing up. Somehow they managed to disable the driver and my phone could not get recognised. After hours of hard work resintalling drivers etc my phone finally connected to iTunes, restored and is now fully functional. Bar the Touch ID which for some reason cannot be used whereas it worked before. I feel as if the Apple Store never even attempted to try my phone after replacing the LCD and just wanted to charge me the extra rate for a replacement. However I can't complain as I didn't need to pay a penny and now have a functional phone.
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