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Apr 12, 2001

Update: MacRumors has received Kuo's research note and it refers to a 31.6-inch monitor as we originally reported. DigiTimes incorrectly referred to this product as a 31.6-inch iMac. There is no mention of an iMac.

Apple will switch to mini LED backlighting for a raft of hardware coming over the next three years including a 31.6-inch iMac to be launched in the second or third quarter of 2019, reports DigiTimes this morning.

Apple will adopt mini LED backlighting for a 31.6-inch iMac to be launched in the second or third quarter of 2019, a 10- to 12-inch iPad to be unveiled in fourth-quarter 2020 or first-quarter 2021, and a 15- to 17-inch MacBook to be introduced in first-half 2021, according to a analyst Kuo Ming-chi at TF International Securities.
Today's DigiTimes report cites comments made by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to local media, a machine translation of which we covered on Monday. That report, which carried a warning of possible mistranslation, referred to a 31.6-inch 6K standalone display, but DigiTimes refers multiple times to an iMac with the same dimensions.

The report goes on to note that Apple is settling on mini LED technology for its wide color gamut, high contrast ratio, high dynamic range and local dimming.
The backlight unit (BLU) to be used in the 31.6-inch iMac will be made of about 500 LED chips of 600 microns in size, with Japan-based Nichia to supply the LEDs, Kuo said.

Strictly speaking, this is a quasi-mini LED BLU because the chip size is much larger than those of standard mini LEDs, according to industry sources. However, the use of such a BLU will give opportunities for the supply chain to improve mini LED production in cost and yield rate, the sources noted.
More than 10,000 mini LEDs will be needed for the "10- to 12-inch iPad," according to the report, and these LEDs will be made by Epistar. Meanwhile, LCD panels will come from LG Display and BLUs by Radiant Opto-Electronics, and all three companies will form parts of the supply chain for the mini LED-backlit MacBook.

Article Link: Apple to Adopt Mini LED Display Tech in Future Macs and iPads [Updated]
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Apr 29, 2018
27" with big bezels is pretty much outdated, since it has been used with the same design over the last couple of years. 32-34" would be the perfect size for me. For limited space they could bump the 21.5 to 24".
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Oct 28, 2016
So like i heard, this year we will have the 27" going with 30+ "
and next year we will have the 21.5" going 24"


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Mar 19, 2014
So one source thinks it is a standalone display, while the other thinks it is an iMac, both pointing to a very precise measurement of 31.6". This mean for sure Apple is releasing something with this specific display, just nobody knows what product it will be sitting inside of. (Actually, why not both a display and an iMac)
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Mar 23, 2017
How about reducing the bezels, is there any information regarding?.. I'm just asking because everyone next to me using a Razer Blade or a Dell XPS makes my MacBook Pro look outdated lol.

LG IPS Displays are among the best ever made and it is one of the reasons I bought my Mac so yeah, I'm curious to see where we go next from here.. maybe a 13" adopt a 15" display without bezels?
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Nov 5, 2014
For almost 4 years now I use 40 inch screens for both my Windows and macOS systems. I like them though some times I wish they were a bit smaller. Not sure how much smaller, but perhaps 31.6" is the magic number. (nudge nudge, hint hint)
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