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Apr 12, 2001

3D renders of the upcoming "Apple Watch Pro" shared earlier today accurately depict the design of the device, including a new button on the left side of the case that can likely be programmed by the user, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.


Gurman said users will likely be able to customize the button to launch a specific app, feature, workout type, or so forth when pressed. He also confirmed that while the Apple Watch Pro will have a completely flat display, the device will still have a rounded casing, contrary to some lingering rumors about an Apple Watch with flat edges.

The renders also showed the Pro model with a more protruded Digital Crown and Side Button on the right side of the case, which could make these controls easier to access. Overall, the Pro model looks more rugged than standard Apple Watch models, in line with reports that it is designed for activities like hiking and extreme sports.

Previous rumors have claimed the Apple Watch Pro will have a larger display with at least a 47mm titanium case, a larger battery, an S8 chip, and more.

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Pro alongside two standard Apple Watch Series 8 models and a second-generation Apple Watch SE at its special event on Wednesday.
Gurman has predicted that pricing for the Pro model could start at $900 or higher. Apple is also expected to announce iPhone 14 models and new AirPods Pro at the event.

Article Link: Apple Watch Pro Likely to Have New Programmable Button for watchOS 9


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Sep 25, 2018
so if true, it would be a physical button like on the other side which will make it challenging for practical use...


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Aug 13, 2012
But how do you press it without also pressing the button on the other side. Still haven't answered this!?
Uh, it's really not that hard. Look at every other watch out there with multiple buttons, just don't put your thumb on the button on the opposite side. My garmin has 5 buttons and I never press the left buttons when I'm using the right side. You slide your thumb toward the display area so it's above where the buttons are. For the left side, you place your "bracing" finger more towards where the strap comments to the watch.

Anyways, it's still unfortunate that you have to have a post-paid plan for the cellular version. I hate bringing my phone with me and just want cell service for emergencies, which I can do with my Garmin. Until that happens, I'll happily stay in my Garmin universe for my watch needs.


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Jul 22, 2022
Hmm uneven(seemingly) flat edges. This is very un-Apple. I have to imagine this is the rugged version and then there’s a pro version..but I’m betting that that’s not the case & there’ll be some disappointment watch wise.
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