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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by Macaddict16, Sep 22, 2016.

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    I am looking for a case/bumper for my new Series 2 Aluminum Apple Watch. Looking on Amazon a lot of them say they are compatible with Series 2, however the dual mics on the Apple Watch Series 2 don't work with any of the cases I have looked at. Has anyone found a specific Series 2 case or one that has a hole big enough for both mics? I really like the X-Doria ones, but they only have the one mic hole. Siri had enough trouble understanding me on my Series 0 watch so I don't want to block the holes.
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    Drill it out bigger?? Heck people are drilling there new iPhones in search of that 3.5mm head phone jack.
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    I'm using x-doria with my Series 2, it has no issues. Sure it covers up the one hole and doesn't 100% line up with the other one or speaker port but it's not air tight anyway so it will be fine for voice communications. I had issues with my original Apple Watch but realized that was a software issue. During beta testing of OS3, it was super smooth and didn't mess up nearly as much as it did before. With the new watch I haven't had an issues using a case, Siri picks up my voice just fine. I'm sure there will be more cases out eventually, since Series 1 and 2 are still some what difficult to get that's probably why newer stuff isn't out yet.

    If it was me and I had a Series 2 and needed a case now! I would just get a x-doria, live with the holes not being perfect and then later get something else that completely matches.
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    Good to know that you aren't having any issues with the X-Doria! I might pick one up for temporary use. I contacted them and they said they are planning a series 2 case, but no time frame yet.

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