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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is working on an updated version of the Apple Watch Ultra that has an improved microLED display, but the device won't launch until the second half of 2025, according to information shared by display analyst Ross Young.


Young believes that the microLED Apple Watch has now been "pushed out" to 2025 at the earliest, which means rumors of a 2024 launch may now be outdated. Earlier this year, Young gave a more vague 2025 release timeline, but now he has dialed his prediction in to the latter half of the year.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has confirmed Apple's work on a microLED Apple Watch, and in January, he suggested that the device could come out at the end of 2024, but Apple's timeline has likely since shifted.

Early rumors about devices that are a year or two out can be unreliable in terms of launch timing as Apple often has to push back its release dates due to delays in design, component sourcing, manufacturing, and more.

The Apple Watch Ultra is expected to be the first Apple device to adopt a microLED display, but Apple is planning to bring the technology to the iPhone and other devices in the future.

Article Link: Apple Watch Ultra With MicroLED Display 'Pushed' to Second Half of 2025
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Sep 12, 2014
I have had my Ultra for seven months now and love it. And I can honestly say that I have not looked at it for even a nanoosecond and wished it had a micro led display.
Just had mine for under a month and the display is awesome as are other features I upgraded my AW 7 for. I can wait 3 years and enjoy my ultra in meantime fitting better with my 2-3 year pattern of AW updating.


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
Dang I was going to wait for it in 2024. I've been really active with my workouts this spring and actually turned down some settings on my Series 4 the other day to extend the battery life which is falling off. Now I'll just update my Series 4 to the Ultra 2 this autumn. The main issue for me is I feel like the Ultra's screen could go a lot further to the edges, and I'm not sure if they will update that before changing the display tech. Sure the display will be much larger than my Series 4, but I want as much as I can get. I like the idea of the Apple Watch becoming more of a little wrist computer that it already is and see future applications for ChatGPT-like integrations and such presenting more information on the display, so I'll take all the millimeters I can get!

This will also put me on a cycle that is more likely to get the future blood glucose and blood pressure stuff they are working on closer to my next upgrade cycle in about five years, based on current rumors. I'll also be in my 40s by then so those metrics will be more important to me. For now I watch them casually, usually checking blood pressure every few months and glucose once a year at my physical and adjusting my diet and exercise to pull them out of the caution zone.
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