Apple Working on Original Television Series About Apps

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    Apple is working with and TV executives Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens on a new non-scripted television show that will "spotlight the app economy," reports The New York Times. There are no details on the television show beyond the App Store premise, so it is not clear what format episodes will take.

    Apple executives have not made details like title, timeline, storylines, or episode length public, and there is no information on where the show will be promoted. Given that it's focused on the App Store, it could be made available through an app, shown through the App Store itself, or be made available as a standard television show on iTunes.


    The App Store series was conceived by Ben Silverman, who presented the idea to Apple. Silverman is an executive producer on shows like Jane the Virgin, The Biggest Loser, Marco Polo, and Flaked.

    In an interview with The New York Times, Apple iTunes chief Eddy Cue cautioned that the show is not a signal that Apple will be delving deeper into original television and streaming video, despite rumors last year suggesting the company was meeting with Hollywood executives to make a big push into original programming.
    Along with its television show focused on apps, Apple is also creating a television series called Vital Signs that will star Beats co-founder and Apple executive Dr. Dre. Described as a dark semi-autobiographical drama, Vital Signs will be used to promote the Apple Music streaming service, much like this new television show will promote the App Store.

    Article Link: Apple Working on Original Television Series About Apps
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  4. B.K., Mar 24, 2016
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    When will Apple realize that these pop-star collaborations are terrible products, and business decisions?
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    Their first TV series will be the most boring TV Series of all time.
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    Okay okay, I totally understand what many people will likely comment and I can't knock you guys for that.
    I feel like this sounds like a slightly boring TV Show to watch as well, but really ANYTHING Apple tries to do to make discovery of apps better and spotlight actually interesting apps is very welcome in my books.

    Glassed Silver:mac
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    Talk about awkward, with his smartwatch and all...
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    A TV show about apps? How about a decent, Apple-built app that lets me watch all the TV shows I want within a few hours after the air on live TV? I'll even pay you every month for such a service, Apple.
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    A want to see a comedy with gaming on a Mac and another gaming on a PC and the adventures they share.
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    as long as it's well done, any subject works.
    See Parks and Recreation
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    That the best Apple can come up with? WOW!
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    #12 What is wrong with Apple? A man with no talent (does anyone remember the hideous iPhone camera he designed) making a tedious tv show about apps. I would rather burn my telly than watch that rubbish, and please don't even get me started on Dr. Dre.
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    Apple didn't come up with it.
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    I understand a documentary, but I'm not sure how this could be a recurring TV series? The app design and development process fascinates me, and it's a part of my daily work. There can be a lot of push and pull back and forth from different parties involved. Most of the drama I've seen usually involves contracted work, haha. And within the startup environment (of which I am not involved but through friends) there are bound to be some interesting stories about companies competing to be the first one to release a new app idea that they know someone else is working on. But I doubt most people would find this to be interesting television.
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    Will I. Am already haunts our screens in the UK on The Voice so it's only fair you lot have your share too :)
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    Before the idea is finalized, before a single episode has aired and people are already negative nellys. Wow.

    Apple has nothing to lose and everything to gain in trying something new and outside its comfort zone.
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    Get rid of iAds - instead produce long form commercials for apps.
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    I imagine it wouldn't be a tv show about finding cool apps on the App Store, but more like a series of mini documentaries on various apps, how they were conceived, stuggles, etc. I wouldn't watch all of then, but I would find it pretty fascinating every now and again. I would love to see the early evolution of Siri.
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    so in other words its a giant product placement ad....

    at least it's not Kayne
  23. Thunderhawks Suspended

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    Better than:

    Game Center Reality Shoot Out

    With a bracket set up.

    Detroit vs. Miami
    Oakland vs. Stockton
    Flint vs. Buffalo
    Memphis vs. New Haven
    St.Louis vs. Indianapolis
    Cleveland vs. Newark
    Little Rock vs. Kansas City
    Baltimore vs. Washington DC
    Milwaukee vs. Atlanta
    Rockford vs. Birmingham

    There's probably an app for it like UFC, where you can trade bad dudes etc..
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    Yes, we are not always comfortable with what Apple does.
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    #25 is not new to the valley. He has several tech investments in action already. My favorite story about the guy is he was working late in Campbell (the Pruneyard for you locals) and decided to go out for a drink. He walked toward one bar in downtown Campbell, the bouncer stopped him at the door saying, "You look like a lot of trouble and that is the worst poser outfit I ever saw." and was sent away. Instead of a scene, he just went to a nearby bar. I think he blogged about it.

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