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Apr 12, 2001

Apple introduced its 2015 Back to School promotion in late July, but it was initially limited to Apple's Retail Stores in a few select countries. As of today, the Back to School Program is also available for purchases made online, and it has expanded to additional countries.

With Apple's 2015 Back to School promotion, students, parents of students, and educators who purchase an eligible Mac will receive a free pair of Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones or a pair of Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones at a $200 discount.


Eligible Macs include the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro. The Mac mini, refurbished Macs, iPads, and iPhones are excluded from the 2015 Back to School program.

Apple has added a link to the Back to School promotion on its main site, which takes users to the Education Store and details the promotion. Viewing any Mac in the Education Store also brings up information on the Back to School program.


When an eligible Mac is added to a shopping cart, buyers will have the option to select their free Beats Solo2 headphones in Gloss Black, Gloss White, Gloss Blue, Gloss Pink, Gloss Gray, Gloss Red (Product RED), Gold, Silver, or Space Gray. Students hoping to take advantage of the $200 discount on Wireless Solo2 headphones will need to add them to the cart manually.


This year's Back to School promotion is a significant deviation from the deals offered in past years. Previously, Apple provided iTunes or Apple Store gift cards in amounts between $50 to $100 with the purchase of a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Apple's Back to School promotion will run until September 18, 2015.

Article Link: Apple's Back to School Sale Kicks Off Online, Expands to Additional Countries


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Mar 30, 2004
Are they charging taxes on the headphones MSRP despite them being free?
You get $199.95 to use toward purchasing either Beats Solo1 On-Ear ($199.95) or Solo1 Wireless ($299.95) headphones. So you will pay sales tax for $100 difference for wireless, but none for on-ear.
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Sep 19, 2011
I'll just stick with my Grain Audio OEHP. Any way to get the dollar amount instead?


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Aug 6, 2015
Who cares about a pair of headphones? As a college student I would rather have the discount on the hardware or at least the gift card!! Apple is taking the cheap way out as the headphone probably have a very low cost to manufacture!

Stop going cheap on the discount just because of your name!


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Apr 8, 2009
Are they charging taxes on the headphones MSRP despite them being free?

Most states require them to collect tax on merchandise sold in this manner to be taxed as such. Apple's POS system takes this into account, so if your local tax code requires it, Apple will charge tax on it.

(Even if they don't, you're required to report the value of those items and pay taxes on them at the end of the year - though no one does)


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Mar 30, 2004
So a $200 discount on headphones or a $20 discount on an iPad. Right.
$20 discount on iPad is not tied to Mac purchase. "Up to" $20 discount is a regular educational discount pricing on iPad.


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Jun 5, 2011
I predict a surge in the number of Beats headphones on eBay soon... !

After the 2012 Olympics in London, where Beats headphones were handed out to competitiors, all the local secondhand/pawn shops were flooded with the things, so much so that the value/price dropped considerably.

Mr. Chewbacca

Apr 27, 2010
Dallas TX
I wasn't thrilled about this at first but I was going to buy the rMBP irregardless of any promotions anyway. I went ahead and put up the extra hundred for wireless, part for the convenience of wireless and part because I really liked the space grey colors.

Having used them for a while I can say these things are awesome! I would not have otherwise bought a 300.00 headset but I sure like having them, the sound is amazing. I have tried previous years beats and was not impressed. They really stepped up their game with the solo2.


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Feb 4, 2011
Elizabethtown, PA
So a $200 discount on headphones or a $20 discount on an iPad. Right.

They should have just offered the headphones. By comparison, the iPad deal is kind of pathetic. So pathetic that the article does not even mention it...

It's not either or. It's stating "Save up to $200 on a Mac, AND get a free pair of headphones" or Save $20 on an iPad. It's just coincidental that the headphones cost the same amount as what you could save on a mac. Students can always save up to $200 on a mac throughout the year, just now you also get a free pair of headphones!
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Oct 12, 2011
New Zealand
Even after several decades I forget that you northern hemisphere folk take the middle of the year off for summer holidays. They can expand it to Australia and New Zealand but need to launch it in late Jan / early Feb.


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Apr 25, 2009
Oh OH, I get it.. Apple has a lot of inventory to dispose of! giving the **** away is the only way to clear the shelves...
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Mar 25, 2009
I know it's probably not a popular opinion, but it really drives me crazy that only students qualify for all of these back to school discounts on electronics. What a crock. I didn't get any discounts when I was in school.


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Apr 25, 2009
I'm all for buying superior quality and not falling for marking BS, but let's get the facts straight. Have you listened to the most recent models? I know it's "cool" and everything to say that Beats and Bose are pieces of sh*t, but do you know that that's actually true? The most recent models have actually got pretty decent review. Much more balanced EQ.

Would I pay what they're asking for them? No. But they're not exactly sh*t either. But of course it makes you sound like you know what you're talking about by dismissing beats as cheap sh*t for idiots who like bass too much, doesn't it?
Perhaps from someone's else perspective, however, that said, that is a whole lot of better headsets in ear/over ear that out performs beats $ for $.. And yes, I have...I don't go by what is cool.. I'm too old for that behavior or peer pressure. I don't consider Amazon,pcmag, or cnet a quality resources for hi fidelity..
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Jul 13, 2011
I bought a rMBP at the end of last semester so the promotion doesn't apply to me. If I had waited I would have preferred a gift card. Even if the gift card is valued less, I rather have the option to choose what I want, than be given a specific headphone.

Well there is always an option to try and sell the headphones if the market doesn't get too stuffed.
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Sep 27, 2005
Considering it costs Apple (Beats), let's say, $50 to make the headphones (probably less) this is a screaming deal for Apple. They get rid of inventory and make the customer feel like they're getting something for nothing, instead of giving an actual discount on something decent.

More Apple smoke and mirrors.
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