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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today unveiled the new iMac models in seven bright, colorful shades including Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, Orange, Yellow, and Purple, and Apple is including a whole series of matching accessories for each machine.


More expensive iMac models come with a color matched Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, power cord, and USB-C to Lightning Cable. Lower-end models feature the same accessories with the exception of the Touch ID Magic Keyboard, though an upgrade is available.


The Magic Keyboard features an aluminum base in the same color as the iMac with white keys, while the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are equipped with a matching colored aluminum base. Both the Lightning cable and the power cord feature a braided design in the matching color, with the power cord also sporting a matching aluminum magnetic connector.


Right now, these color matched accessories are exclusive to the iMac. Apple is not selling the colorful Magic Keyboard with Touch ID or the color Magic Mouse options on a standalone basis.


Pricing on the iMac starts at $1299, and it will be available for preorder on April 30.

Article Link: Apple's Bright New iMacs Come With Color-Matched Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Power Cord and USB-C Cable


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Apr 14, 2021
Utterly disappointing iMac in my opinion. Design-wise, I like the look of the old one better. No idea what the point of focusing on all these ridiculously ugly colors were. The bezel around it looks horrific. Really hoping the next wave of Apple Silicon Macs are targeted towards power users, and can be easily upgradeable in some form like the RAM/SSD. Everything else at the event was great, but this monstrosity of an Apple desktop computer should have never been released with that design.


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Jun 20, 2011
Lake Michigan
I think of Apple iMac like a 1970 Porsche it looks sporty but has a Volkswagen engine under the hood. It might look cool and fast until you drive it.
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