Apple's Rumored 2018 6.1-Inch Lower-Cost iPhone With LCD Display Could Feature Metal Back

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Michael Scrip macrumors 603

    Mar 4, 2011
    At least the notches have useful stuff in them: Facetime camera, dot projector, IR camera, proximity sensor, etc.

    I think it's quite an improvement from all the wasted space in the old iPhone models. :p

  2. quietstormSD macrumors 6502a


    Mar 2, 2010
    San Diego, CA
    They should drop the price of the 5.8" to $899 and price the 6.5 (or whatever) OLED at $999
  3. tridley68 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 28, 2014
    Bring on the 6.3 or 6.5 OLED i phone X in Gold and I would gladly upgrade next year.
  4. KingslayerG5 Suspended


    Oct 16, 2017
    6.1" iPhone will be the best variant of 2018 as long as it retains having the A12 chip, same cameras, and has same amount of RAM as the X2 Plus.

    Metal > Glass
    LCD > OLED

    I don't care about wireless charging and OLED is overrated with a shorter lifespan than LCD. Apple didn't even utilize OLED to begin with like no Moto X Active Display or always on display.

    Apple should call this 6.1" model the iPhone 9 because it's different enough from the 8 but similar to the X design with only the cheaper LCD and will lack wireless charging. The other two could be called X2 or Xs/10s.

    It helps that it will be the cheapest of the trio. Why would I want another glass back phone that is expensive to repair? Glass is weaker than plastic. I don't use wireless charging. I have used OLED displays and it's overrated as curved displays. Don't fall for the Samsung propaganda.

    iPhone 9
    iPhone Xs
    iPhone Xs Plus

    The 9 is the winner to me. Best value that lacks overrated features like OLED and glass backs for wireless charging .
  5. Act3 macrumors 68000

    Sep 26, 2014
    Maybe they will market durability as a feature with the metal back

    nevermind, that would cut into profit
  6. mobiletech, Dec 6, 2017
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    mobiletech macrumors member

    Nov 17, 2010
    Probably going to be the new ipod touch. It needs an update badly and they are killing the touch id real fast. Majority of ipod touch users are either kids or exclusive to a room/device where Qi charging is not needed or is a liability. The LCD and metal back also makes sense to keep the price in the range of the Ipod touch.

    It doesn't make a lot of sense for them to make Qi charging a standard then taking it away in an updated iphone
  7. ColdShadow macrumors 65816


    Sep 25, 2013
    It’s nice to see LCD finally dying and being used in low end models only.
    That’s where this ancient,inferior display technology belongs in this day and age..
    Once you see OLED it’s really hard to go back to washed-out LCD displays with dark grey instead of black..
  8. chatin macrumors 6502a


    May 27, 2005
    I could go for one of those. Not fan on sky-high repair costs on all glass models.
  9. Baymowe335 macrumors 601

    Oct 6, 2017
    I can almost guarantee it won’t have the same internals.
  10. BornAgainMac macrumors 603


    Feb 4, 2004
    Florida Resident
  11. Tgrey macrumors regular

    Nov 4, 2013
    why they don't make another one with ceramic back iPhone edition, to push the price to $3000 range?
  12. scrapesleon macrumors 6502a


    Mar 30, 2017
    At least it will be durable and I’m happy with my iPhone X won’t upgrade again till 2020
  13. synergize macrumors regular

    Jul 12, 2010
    iPhone xs
    iPhone x
    iPhone xl
    iPhone xxl

    Pay me via Apple Pay, Apple!
  14. -BigMac- macrumors 68000


    Apr 15, 2011
    Melbourne, Australia
    Thats like saying i want an aventador engine in a motorbike.. haha
  15. uller6 macrumors regular


    May 14, 2010
    No, liquidmeal is an amorphous metal alloy. It is still metal and will still prevent wireless charging.
  16. JosephAW macrumors 68020


    May 14, 2012
    Apple, please don't nix the Touch ID on the SE and non-X form factor devices. Thank you.
  17. Will.O.Bie macrumors 6502


    Aug 29, 2016
    Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true. The way they are priced now, no one believes Apple will lower the prices unless it's the low end iPhones; even those are pretty expensive now.
  18. Act3 macrumors 68000

    Sep 26, 2014
    LCD isn't dying, what's the deal with laptop screens and desktop monitors?
  19. KingslayerG5 Suspended


    Oct 16, 2017
    6.1" will probably be about the same height as the Galaxy S7 edge at about 151 mm or 8 mm taller than the current X. It will be the middle sized iPhone.

    I want a red Apple! Rojo!


    Needs to be black front and red metal back. Not that awful Project RED iPhone 7 which should have had a black front from the start.

    The 6.1" iPhone is the value play of 2018. It's the iPhone 8 Plus where smart people know OLED is overrated. Wireless charging is overrated. Glass rears which are prone to shatter is overrated.

    Keep getting duped by SAMSUNG propaganda. They are trying to make you believe glass rear is premium when it's more fragile than plastic. The Nokia 3310 and Nintendo Game Boy were made from hard plastic and were built like a tank.

    OLED is another thing that Samsung wants to shove down our throats just like taller display, low bezel phones. This 6.1" is the one to get if you prefer longevity, durability, and better value.
  20. JM macrumors 6502a


    Nov 23, 2014
    Why does no one at Apple listen to you? :( You have a great idea.
  21. _mdavenport macrumors regular


    Aug 23, 2015
    California, USA
  22. Act3 macrumors 68000

    Sep 26, 2014
    was eyeing 8+ but now tempted to keep my 6s for another year if I can wait and get a non glass ass end next year
  23. jonnysods macrumors 603


    Sep 20, 2006
    There & Back Again
    My goodness the price of that bigger one would make me faint!

    I just want an X now but really can't afford it, it's too crazy a purchase. Maybe a used one next November....
  24. KingslayerG5 Suspended


    Oct 16, 2017
    The SE2 might feature a glass back which could make the 6.1" iPhone (9) the only one released in 2018 to offer a metal back. I'm all for a metal back that will be cheaper to repair if damaged.

    I thought Apple wouldn't return to metal since I figure they want to go all-wireless/port-less in 3-4 years. Glad I could be wrong and a metal back iPhone isn't completely buried yet.

    For me, I take care of all my phones really well. I just don't like the feeling from a glass back phone. Tried it twice and never liked that feeling. Sticky within a day or two of smudges.
  25. Syk macrumors 6502a

    Jun 20, 2010
    Really? I just got my X the other day and coming from a 6Plus. I was like wow this is small:eek:
    I have a minimal case on mine and was thinking maybe I need add a case that offers drop protection to make it a little bigger fitting in my hand

    Guess everybody is different:)

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