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Apr 12, 2001

Apple will start mass production on the rumored low-cost iPhone that's in the works starting in February, reports Bloomberg. The new iPhone could launch as soon as March after production begins.

Rumors suggest the new iPhone will be similar in design to an iPhone 8, offering up a 4.7-inch LCD display, thick top and bottom bezels, a Touch ID Home button instead of Face ID, and a single-lens rear camera, but it will be equipped with a modern A13 chip and 3GB RAM.

iPhone SE and iPhone 8​

The iPhone will be the first truly low-cost iPhone Apple has introduced since the iPhone SE, which has led to the device being called the "iPhone SE 2" in some rumors, even though it's not expected to be as small as the original iPhone SE. There has been some speculation that Apple could call it the "iPhone 9," a number that was skipped with the 2017 unveiling of the iPhone X, but it's not clear what it will be named.

Render of what the low-cost iPhone could look like, via OnLeaks​

Given the $399 pricing of the original iPhone SE, which was also positioned as a more affordable iPhone option, the new low-cost device could potentially be sold at the same $399 price point, making it Apple's most affordable iPhone. The iPhone 8 is currently the lowest priced iPhone Apple sells at $449.

The low-cost iPhone will be Apple's first iPhone in 2020, with additional iPhone models slated for release in the fall of 2020 with higher-end all-glass designs like current flagship iPhones, 5G technology, and rear 3D cameras. For full details on what to expect from the low-cost iPhone, make sure to check out our roundup.

Article Link: Apple's Upcoming Low-Cost iPhone Could Launch as Early as March


Sep 4, 2012
Midwest, USA
So many rumors about this phone, and not one has said which single-lens rear-facing camera it will be. Key question for me.
I'm sure if they just go with one lens (and they almost certainly will) it would just be a standard 1x zoom wouldn't it, and not a wide angle or telephoto? Or were you referring to something else about the lens rather than its optics?


Sep 4, 2012
Midwest, USA
My wallet is ready and willing. Day 1 buy unless they also announce a mbp 14” in the same event
I would think they'd do that in a press release prior to the event like they did a couple months back with the 16"

Talking about the 14" MBP at an event any more than just saying at the beginning something to the effect of "Oh hey btw..." doesn't seem too likely
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macrumors 6502a
Mar 4, 2018
Good competition for people who are tired of android but still want a cheap phone and want to try an iPhone.
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macrumors 68000
Nov 2, 2008
What is it missing that the 8 has to warrant being cheaper? Or would the 8 just be dropped?


macrumors 6502a
Feb 2, 2017
I’m surprised they let a gap occur between hardware releases with that form factor and price point. Did the SE not sell well?


macrumors 68020
Sep 19, 2010
Now that I have an iPad 10.2, I might be interested in a smaller less expensive phone than my XR. But, it would need to have portrait mode.
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macrumors regular
Jun 19, 2018
The World
It needs to have Qualcom or it's dead to me. iPhone 6s has 3 more bars at all times compared to iPhone 8. If Apple sticks that same **** Intel LTE chip into the iPhone 9.... MAy it REst in peace.


macrumors 68040
Apr 13, 2006
Give us a new phone with the original iphone body, but modern internals and screen PLEASE

Probably sport an A12 like the 2019 Mini and iPad Air along with 3GB RAM, same wide camera as iPhone XR/11. Maybe the only iPhone introduced in 2020 with a LED screen.
Maybe Apple will start calling it iPhone 5.4, 2020 (screen size, release year) similar to MacOS hardware.
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