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Apr 12, 2001

The most recent iOS 9 beta added WiFi calling options for AT&T subscribers, but when the beta was released last week, the feature was not functional.

As of today, some users in the MacRumors forums who are running iOS 9 noticed a different message when attempting to activate the feature, and just hours later, WiFi calling began working for a limited number of AT&T subscribers.

When attempting to activate WiFi calling in the Settings app, users who have access to the feature are receiving a welcome screen, a disclaimer, and a notice that WiFi calling has been activated and should be available within a few minutes. During the setup period, users are required to enter an address that emergency services will visit as a caller's location cannot be determined from a WiFi call.


Following a short waiting period, WiFi calling becomes ready for use with the "Wi-Fi calling on This iPhone" option toggled on. While a few of our readers have had success getting the WiFi calling feature working, several other users do not have access, suggesting AT&T may be testing the feature in a limited number of areas ahead of launch.


WiFi calling was first introduced with iOS 8, and shortly after the feature debuted, AT&T announced plans to support it. The company has not made any further announcements, but it is likely an official launch will come after iOS 9 is released to the public in September. An AT&T employee who is also a MacRumors reader says that his store has not received word on an upcoming launch, so official word on further availability of WiFi calling may still be a few weeks off.

WiFi calling is a feature that lets calls be placed over a wireless connection when cellular connectivity is poor. It is similar in function to Apple's own FaceTime audio feature, and has thus far been limited to T-Mobile and Sprint users.

Article Link: AT&T WiFi Calling Now Available for Some iOS 9 Users
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Apr 26, 2005
I wonder how the performance is compared to their MicroCell. Can anybody weigh in with their experience after they've tried it?


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Oct 14, 2005
Come on Verizon... This would be so handy at work where there is literally no reception in 80% of the building, yet wifi throughout...
Hopefully your work doesn't block most Internet access like mine does. lol If it's not HTTP or HTTPS, it's pretty much blocked.


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Jun 30, 2012
mine keeps showing it then canceling it. It says "Oops" then it goes thru the second time, but fails back to "Oops"! :(


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Sep 29, 2014
Welcome to 2006!

On a more serious note, I wonder if AT&T will end up charging for this?

I assume it will go through the billing system for international calling but I don't think they will charge for the ability to use the service. HDVoice is required and already charge for that.


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Nov 3, 2010
New Jersey
Does anybody know why this is only enabled for iPhones 5c, 5s and newer? I'm assuming it must be a hardware-based deficiency in my iPhone 5.
The initial rollout from Apple perspective is iPhone 6 only, I hope that my iPhone 5s has the hardware to support WIFI Calling.


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Aug 10, 2015
San Diego, CA
Wonder if it'll be able to be activated via carrier update like with T-Mobile. When they launched it, it just popped up and said I had a carrier update then I had the screen availability like the pics above show.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
Finally a reason to risk putting iOS 9 Beta on my main phone.

Is this working for anyone in the Miami, FL area yet? Wonder if it's by area, or just random.
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