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Jul 17, 2017
"Hey, I just tried to restore an APFS image that CCC created back to my hard drive and CCC told me it will not be bootable as it is not supported yet by CCC? Argh. Hope I didn't give you **** advice. It's an APFS thing and CCC for sure."

I believe Mike Bombich (of CCC) put out a notice that CCC can't yet create a restorable clone of an APFS boot volume.

The ability to do that will require some work on CCC's part, and won't be available for a while yet.

I see no benefit from using APFS right now.
It's just not worth fooling with... yet (at the end-user level).

I've installed the various betas of High Sierra onto an OLD firewire800 hard drive using the old HFS+, and it runs well enough (considering the age of the drive and the connection scheme). Running developer preview #5 currently.
CCC5 will be out next week and will be fully functional, traded some emails with Mike. Great guy.
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