beta 5


    macOS Mojave Public Beta 5 release ...

    My iMac just alerted me to the macOS Mojave Public Beta 5 ....was this released just now or yesterday?
  2. NielsO

    Serious problems MacOS 10.13.5 Beta 5

    Hi Guys, After installing MacOS 10.13.5 Béta 5 I had some weird glitches and crashes. Some times my touchpad suddenly freezes and can't be used. So I have to hard-reboot or wait a minute to stop from freezing. And I also had some sleep-wake failures. This morning I opened my Macbook and it was...
  3. says_stuff

    iPad Formatting tools in Notes?

    While editing or creating a note in stock Notes app, i can’t find the formatting tools that used to be there. I only get the option to add a checkmark or add a drawing/scan. Are those gone for everyone or have they moved to a place I can’t find them? I’m on public beta 5 on an ipad 12.9.
  4. jwatters579

    iOS11 Beta 5 - Freezing

    Has anyone experience their iPhone (mines a 7 128gb) freezing since getting Beta 5? This is happening primarily on the home screen and the home button becomes disabled. The only way to work around this is to restart the phone (side button & volume down).
  5. Killerbob

    Beta 5 fails on MacBook Pro

    I had Beta 4 running fine on my MacBook Pro 2014, and this afternoon I download Beta 5 and it started the update process. However, when I came back to the laptop, it was still on a black boot screen, with the Apple logo, and the progress bar at 100%. I let it sit for a while, and finally turned...
  6. apuboricua

    Carrier Update 28.4 AT&T 10.3.2 Beta 5

    I received today carrier update 28.4 for att iphone 7. I am on ios 10.3.2 Beta 5 Any one got it and know what is has?
  7. U

    Erratic/ unpredictable notifications & sounds for new mails

    My new mail notifications in notification center have stopped coming if all the older notifications are removed by clicking Clear at the top of the group of notifications. But notifications in notification center for other events like new SMS continue to come.
  8. Statusnone88

    iOS 10.1 Beta 5 Users on AT&T... Did That Modem Update Help Your Cellular Service?

    Seems to have made a substantial increase to my cellular service here in Central FL with AT&T. Areas where I barely had LTE, I'm getting 2-4 bars with 45Mpbs download speeds. Areas of I-95 where I would drop VoLTE calls constantly don't seem to be an issue anymore. Anyone else seeing an...
  9. J

    ios 10 Beta 4 touch id faulty and can not upgrade

    Hi everyone, Here is my situation, i've upgraded to Ios 10 Beta 4 week ago and everything working fine, but then 2 days ago touch id stop working (home button still work) and i tried to upgraded to ios beta 5 and it stuck in recovery mode, i tried to downgrade it to ios 9.3.4 and it's turning on...
  10. WiiDsmKR69

    Touch ID not working on beta 5

    Hey all! Is anyone else having issues with touchid in beta 5? Immediately after installing the latest beta update I realised Touch ID wasn't working , and only my passcode could be used to unlock my phone. It frequently gives me notifications to say "TouchID failed to register". When I go...