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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is widely expected to unveil three new iPhone models in the fall, and ahead of time, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and Debby Wu have shared several expectations for the devices. While many of the details have already been rumored, this is still worthwhile corroboration from two reputable reporters.

All three iPhones will look similar to the current versions beyond additional cameras, including triple-lens rear camera systems on both the next iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and a dual-lens rear camera system on the next iPhone XR, each housed within a square camera bump.
The next iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be "about half a millimeter thicker."
The third camera on the next iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be an ultra-wide-angle lens that enables a broader range of zoom. The second rear camera on the next iPhone XR will enable increased zoom as well.
All three iPhones will be powered by a faster A13 chip, designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC. Early test production began in April and mass production could begin as early as this month.
All three iPhones will have a feature that lets users charge the latest AirPods and other devices by placing them on the back of the devices.
Apple is working on an "auto-correction feature" to "fit people back into a photo who may have been accidentally cut out."Apple should announce the next iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR models in September, but their names are not known yet. They have been variously referred to as iPhone 11 or iPhone XI models.

Article Link: Bloomberg: 2019 iPhones Can Charge AirPods, Cameras Will Have Increased Zoom and Auto-Correction Feature


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Mar 14, 2009
Hope for their sake that they're well along on AR glasses or something, because the iPhone/smartphone has plateaued and isn't a particularly interesting category any more.


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Sep 27, 2013
I hope these new phones are taking better low light photos. The Pixel has iPhone Xs beat when it comes to low light photography.

Haven't heard anything about that, but moving the position of the flash should improve the appearance of zombie eyes in low light video


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May 27, 2014
The wireless charging ability is great - if this comes with USB C, this might be worth upgrading from an X.

Yesterday I was skeptical about just a camera upgrade and speed bump.. but with USB C, wireless charging to other devices, camera, speed bump.. that's looking pretty solid.

Still ugly as all hell though.


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Jul 16, 2014
I hope the new phone will be able to charge the Watch as well. Even if I had the Qi version of the AirPods case I don't think I'd need to charge it on my iPhone, I usually charge mine twice a week so it would be hard to find myself in the situation I need an emergency charging and if I'm able to charge my iPhone I can charge the case as well.
The Watch has the proprietary connector, if I forget to pack the cable it would be great to charge the Watch via my iPhone, not something I'd do often but nice to have.

As for the camera I like the zoom, and I'd rather have better low light pictures than a wide lens, so I hope they'll work on that as well.


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Oct 22, 2010
This is good news for me because this confirms for me that I will be sticking with my iPhone XS Max. Thanks Apple for saving me money for once!
Why wouldn't you anyway? You should keep you XS for at least 2 years if not longer before considering a change. Why? Because tech slowed down and there really is not much to gain. Keep you XS for 2 more years and you will save money and be happier once you upgrade than if you keep doing it yearly. :)
I'm on iPhone 6 and this year will most likely be the year to upgrade. I think that will be a massive jump for me and hopefully worth the money. :)
I've also saved tons of money by doing it this way :)


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May 16, 2012
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
You think early battery deaths were a problem before? I'm betting two-way charging is gonna wreck the batteries very quickly here... not to mention the heat issues. I have an iPhone 7 and am definitely upgrading... but not sure to what... I may well be staying a model year behind for the first time ever.
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