Bloomberg: Apple Watch to Get Standalone App Store, iOS 13 Will Have All-New Sleep Mode, and More


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Apr 12, 2001

Less than a month ahead of Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has outlined his expectations for iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, and more, which we've summarized below.

iOS 13
Dark Mode that can be toggled in Control Center
A new systemwide Sleep Mode that can be toggled in Control Center to turn on Do Not Disturb, darken the Lock Screen, and mute all notifications. This is said to be tied to improvements to the Bedtime tab in the Clocks app.
A revamped Messages app with a WhatsApp-like feature that enables users to set a profile picture and display name, and choose who sees it, and a dedicated menu for Animoji and Memoji stickers
A revamped Maps app will make it easier to set frequent locations, like home or work addresses, and then navigate there. Improved grouping of frequent locations with ability to add photos.
A revamped Reminders app with four default sections laid out in a grid: tasks to be done today, all tasks, scheduled tasks, and flagged tasks
A revamped Books app with updated progress tracker and new rewards system
A revamped Health app with an improved view of daily activity, more comprehensive menstrual cycle tracking, and more
A revamped Mail app with ability to mute individual threads, block incoming email from certain contacts, and simpler folder management
New default swipe-based keyboard option like SwiftKey
New feature that will let users use their iPad as an external display for a Mac, complete with support for Apple Pencil, notifications, and more, as previously reported by 9to5Mac
A combined Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app, and possibly a Tile-like tag for tracking devices, as previously reported by 9to5Mac
User interface tweaks, including a new animation when launching the multitasking pane and closing apps and tweaks to the home screen on iPad
iPad is getting some unique features, including an updated interface for multi-tasking, tweaks to the home screen, and the ability to cycle through different versions of the same app
A more comprehensive Accessibility menu on the main page of the Settings app with improved hearing aid support and more
Performance improvements and bug fixesmacOS 10.15
Marzipan: iPhone and iPad apps can be easily ported to the Mac with new SDK that simplifies the cross-platform development process. This is said to be the first step in a plan to merge iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps into a single package that can run on any of those devices by 2021.
Apple Music, Podcasts, and merged Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps
Screen Time on Mac
iMessage stickers and effects
Siri Shortcuts integrationwatchOS 6
A dedicated App Store app on the Apple Watch itself
Voice Memos, Calculator, and Books apps
"Dose" and "Cycles" apps for pill reminders and menstrual cycle tracking respectively
Animoji and Memoji sticker support in sync with iPhone
New watch faces, including one with a custom "gradient" design and at least two "X-Large" versions with very large font; new complications for audiobooks, battery life of hearing aids, and moreApple is also said to be planning to let the HomePod respond to multiple users in a future software update tied to iOS 13.

As usual, Gurman notes that some of Apple's plans could change between now and WWDC, so some features may end up being slightly different than described, kept internal, or axed entirely.

Looking ahead, Apple is said to be already working on iOS 14 with support for 5G and new AR functionality on 2020 iPhones.

Gurman's full WWDC 2019 preview is a worthwhile read.

Article Link: Bloomberg: Apple Watch to Get Standalone App Store, iOS 13 Will Have All-New Sleep Mode, and More


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Sep 9, 2016
And people here sill still complain. Sounds like a solid update. Beta season approaches!!!

I would be so happy with PIP on the larger iPhones. Thats probably the only thing android has that I would want.

Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
How about being able to run two Apple Watch apps at a time. I want to do timer based runs using the app “seconds” whilst also tracking the activity in the workout app.

A notes integration and live steps counter would be stellar add-on’s. . I think it’s nice that they’re going to offer it’s own standalone App Store, hopefully this eventually will lead to a store where they can offer additional watch faces to purchase from.


Jun 22, 2007
To me that sounds like they are slowly preparing the watch to be useable without any iphone.
I don’t think Apple allows the AW to be used without an iPhone (you gotta hook people to the main cash cow, the iPhone), but considering how quick Apple put in cellular on a tiny watch seems to show that that’s their plan is to have a more robust watchOS platform (ie ability to install apps without having to be near the iPhone).

I wish Apple would allow Apple Watches to be paired with an iPad. Imagine having a cellular iPad mini and an Apple Watch combo, skipping the iPhone. :D


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May 6, 2019
Got excited then thinking that could be some useful changes and things I would actually use - then realised it was just what someone is "expecting" i.e. hoping.
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Feb 3, 2010
United Kingdom
iOS 13 sounds like a really solid update. I hope the rumoured changes to the iPad homescreen come to fruition as well, though I'd settle for the 'card-based' multitasking we heard about a few weeks ago.

Feel a bit sorry for Duet/Luna, but that's progress I guess. Better to have things native to the OS.

Marzipan is going to be a shift as large as Carbon to Cocoa. I really hope the move to UIKit is going to be a net positive for the Mac. With the right tools, and the right developers, I think it will be.
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Jun 22, 2007
Interesting tidbit about two versions of iOS being developed in parallel.
These things are usually conceived at least a year or two in advance at the least. And imo iOS 13 was supposed to be iOS 12, if not for the horrendous iOS 11. So it won’t be surprising iOS 13 having a ton of new stuff as it got an extra development cycle thanks to iOS 11.

Imo the numbering system gets a bit silly now, I mean after iOS 15 or so, it feels that maybe Apple should rethink the naming scheme.
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