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Jun 13, 2016
Camera App on the latests and greatest iPhones feels nice , But recently i thought of the potential and i was really shocked when i thought about what Apple is missing here . Apple has been changing a lot of hardware in recent years and added Portrait Mode recently . But i think the Camera app could be X3 cooler , and here is how :

- Slow Motion-Multiple Slow mo events : Wouldn't it be cool if you could shoot 1 video with customizable amount of slow mo events ? + customizable lengthes as available now for each ans every slow mo event?! I strongly believe this is the next step for Slow motion , Along with 1140p 120fps res & 1080 HD 240fps. Customization could be great here !

- Time lapse : So many times i wanted to change the speed settings of the time lapse i just recorded but i couldnt . Customization would make time lapse so much more worth it and for everyone's liking :)
Exapand the editing capabilities in camera features!

- Camera Settings : Why not give users simple and quick acess to video and photo recording quality settings straight from the camera app? Much more comfortable and a hell of alot faster!

-Software tweaks : For some reason only Apple knows , Apple holds off the software to capture 1080 instead of the 1140p it can already capture on selfie the camera .

-Filters and tweaks : Bring photo filters and tweaks to videos , Slow mo & Time lapse. I would like to change saturation to get more vibrant colors . More options & more happy photographs shooters :)

Bring the camera to it's max potential Apple , Please. All these features can be the innovation that is needed in the camera department and the fresh air for us, The users.
Within minimal hardware efforts & changes .

I would really like the freedom and customization in editing slow mo and time lapse rather then dull 1 slow mo events and default time lapse speed. Bring Camera to life Apple !
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May 2, 2017
1140p? that isn't a common resolution or aspect ratio, at least that I'm aware of.
[doublepost=1494553822][/doublepost]1920x1080 is a very common size and still used the most for video playback. Plus most screens are still 1080, so making an odd resolution like 1140 doesn't seem like something they would do.
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