Can I just point something out?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by TheGdog, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Sep 4, 2010
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    I'm seeing a lot of very unhappy people that apple has come out with the new IPP 10".

    I would like to point something out.

    Why did you purchase a device that didn't serve your needs? Does your iPad Pro 13" do any less than it did before? :confused:

    The iPad air hasn't been updated for a year and a half. We have also been seeing rumors about it for some time.

    I just don't get it. The iPad pro 13 is apple's newest iPad that size. Obviously it was purchased because of the size. Its not like its no longer supported anymore. Runs the newest iOS, has fast processor and does everything is did when it was purchased.

    Just saying. Be ye not fearful or angry. Upgrades happen. If they didn't we would still be sorting punch cards. :D
  2. AliMacs macrumors 6502

    Oct 8, 2014
    You obviously cannot see the fury and anger in WHY - Apple is notorious for gimping hardware and/or selling you bullsh_t products that you never intended to buy from the beginning. From a crippled phone OS on a giant 13" iPad display to no real way to attach anything to the iPad to allow transferring of data to/from (at least not quickly enough). You also can't forget how they milk you on each upgrade and in this case I was TOLD BY PHIL SCHILLER the iPad Pro 12.9 was the best iPad period but hey you know what how about on the 31st day of your purchase we unveil a smaller iPad that I don't want, call it the same name iPad Pro, slap on some iPhone 6S camera hardware, GIVE YOU a NEW DISPLAY, offer you hey Siri tech without being plugged in and worst offer 256GB for a little more. All this happening after 4 months time frame only.

    Apple's goal is nothing but pure profit margins. Look at the iPhone SE! Same display as 2013. Take out some hardware stuff and call it as good as iPhone 6S. What a load of crock, $400 for a 16GB 2013 display 640p low res dung phone. My god next thing you know we'll be sporting 3.5" phones because it's hip to go backwards in time.
  3. Eric8199 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 27, 2009
    No one from Apple has ever forced me to buy one of their products. I buy the devices I want and skip the ones I don't, and never leave disappointed as a result. Anyone who didn't think they were going to make a 9.7 inch version of the iPad Pro doesn't know Apple. Why wouldn't they upgrade the best selling, original size to the latest specs??
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    Then why do you buy their products if you feel this way. why did you buy an iPad if the display was crappy? Why did you buy an iPad that didn't do hey siri, if thats what you needed? I buy based on needs. If apples only goal was profit, they wouldn't go to such extremes. Like killing the floppy or the CD. Everyone was happy with those for the longest time. All of my IPP friends/users are like "oh thats cool" and they move on with their lives. Cuz they bought what they need. Evernote still works fine on the iPad pro, even though its such and old device now. lol
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    Yep! Spot on! People are silly sometimes.
  5. AliMacs macrumors 6502

    Oct 8, 2014
    Because I'm a schmuck like every other Apple customer.
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    Sep 4, 2010
    North Carolina, USA
    if your so foolish, why should I trust what you have to say?? :D I have found apple products to last really long time and they keep software support for a good while. They aren't all just profit.

    My old macbook is running 10.11 great.
  7. jamesrick80 macrumors 68020


    Sep 12, 2014
    I think if the smaller ipad pro had the exact same specs as the larger ipad pro but smaller , people wouldn't be so unhappy. ..some of us techies buy devices because we want the latest and greatest and trust me we do not buy the latest and greatest to be disenfranchised 4 months later......
  8. Andy847 macrumors regular


    Mar 17, 2016
    Chicago Suburb
    I'm a techie too. I was for a long time, especially with Android Devices. I was exactly the same way as you, went from a Note 2-3, then had to have the Note 4, for phones. Also, the Original Note 10.1, still running strong, and a Note 8 also still running well. Along with an Ipad 2, 3, and 4. I learned eventually that it was getting really expensive to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. There's always something new coming out shortly after you buy the product you buy. So it's a no win situation to keep getting the Latest and Greatest. Be happy with the device you decided to buy.

    I think my IPP 12.9" is fine. I have yet to take pictures with it and only use the camera for skyping. The size is perfect for drawing and more real estate to use for Videos along with the split window feature is great. To each is own. If you are going to get upset about the next purchase you make, make sure it's definitely what you want. You're always going to be let down when the New stuff comes out.
  9. jamesrick80 macrumors 68020


    Sep 12, 2014
    It's not that I'm let down...I just like a certain time of satisfaction with my investment...9 months to 1 year....I don't mind other tech coming out but I'm a person who updates almost every device I have once per year....that means new ipad, new Android tablet, new Android phone, new windows device once per year...apples small window was a turn off for me.
  10. Mr. Buzzcut macrumors 65816

    Mr. Buzzcut

    Jul 25, 2011
    Because some don't buy the product as a tool. They buy it to be seen. To parade around with the "latest and greatest."
  11. upritbass macrumors member

    Jun 2, 2015
    Some replies write themselves.
  12. Mr. Buzzcut macrumors 65816

    Mr. Buzzcut

    Jul 25, 2011
    How in the world does a new product reduce your satisfaction with what you already have? Chasing the latest is a fools errand. Buy what you need and enjoy it for as long as it performs whatever you neede it to do.
  13. masotime macrumors 68020


    Jun 24, 2012
    San Jose, CA
    There's a kind of feeling of entitlement for being a early adopter. I have these feelings myself, but my annoyance is more for the 256GB option rather than the 9.7" iPad Pro being "better".

    I plan to buy the smaller iPad Pro regardless - I sold my iPad Air 2 for this purpose, but I'm going to wait a while to get a better deal - I don't really see an advantage of being amongst the first customers in this case.

    For the 256GB - there really is a "need" factor for Pro use cases. I use the USB camera connector to load RAW 12MP images and 4K videos from my mirrorless camera when I'm traveling, and the combined size can easily exceed 60-70GB. In a 128GB iPad, once you've installed the necessary apps, the space becomes very limited and shuffling files in and out is extremely tedious and time consuming. 256GB would make the shuffling in and out process significantly less troublesome.

    The contrast is that there was never this "need" before because the iPad before A9X and 4GB of RAM never had this kind of use case with acceptable performance. Times have changed. Still, the additional stuff the 9.7" iPad Pro added to the iPad Pro lineup would suggest a better iPad Pro 12.9" in the near future, so it isn't all that great an idea to update either.
  14. aypues macrumors regular

    Feb 25, 2012
    San Diego
    The 9.7 Pro is worse for USB uploading. it's only 2.0 speeds. That would suck for RAW images or huge jpgs from a digital camera.
  15. ZenThought, Mar 21, 2016
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    ZenThought macrumors newbie


    Mar 21, 2016
    Before people play the "This device isn't for you" and the "You're not forced to buy an Apple product" cards (actually, the latter has already been played), lets remember this: A lot of people are heavily invested in the ecosystem, so although they are not technically "forced" to buy an Apple product in principle ... they are heavily influenced in buying one to stay in the ecosystem which they have spent a lot of money on, including movies and music.

    Apple knows this ... and takes advantage of it, IMO.

    The bigger issue (especially considering the supposed upgrade rate slowing down on the Ipad) is getting people like me, who are NOT invested at all in the ecosystem ... to buy an Ipad and get "hooked" into the ecosystem and spend money in the ecosystem to begin with. With these prices and limitations of an OS ... its not gonna happen. If Apple kept the pricing of the Ipad Air line, but started with the 32g ... I would at least think about buying the 9.7 Pro. But they don't seem concerned with getting "new" Ipad users ... as much as ... taking advantage of people who are financially invested in the ecosystem already and squeezing more money out of them, nickle and dime style.

    Perhaps Apple doesn't care if I buy an Ipad or not. They just want to make sure that YOU (heavily invested in ecosystem user) upgrade the one you have because thats way more of a lock and an easy sale job then convincing me that it is worth the price (which its not).

    Why not buy the reduced priced Ipad Air 2 then? Because its old, and its 16g entry price is insulting in 2016, and even at $499 .. the 64g ... is still .... too much IMO because of the OS limitations. Perhaps people can tell me that "This device isn't for me" and get away with it to a degree ... heck, they might even be right ... but to the dedicated Apple costumer ... its condescending and elitist IMO ... and I'm glad i'm not entrapped in the ecosystem, considering the manipulative practices Apple is doing (which isn't necessarily uncommon business practices to varying degrees).

    I can understand why people who bought the bigger Ipad Pro would be discouraged. Apple came out with a NEW product, a product that was separate from the original from where it came. Ipad Pro 13 wasn't an upgrade for the Ipad Air ... it was a separate entity. So, there was the Mini, Air, then the Pro. I think some people bought the Big Pro because of the screen size, but I think a lot bought it because it was an Ipad on steroids spec wise AND (this is important), Apple gave the illusion that these were seperate product lines (Air vs Pro) and in order to get Ipad specs on steroids (and Pencil support which Air doesnt have), you had to buy the Pro - WHICH - just happened to be bigger. Then 4 months later, they come out with the smaller Pro version, which , I think a LOT of people would of probably preferred to buy to begin with, but was NOT available AND they were fooled into thinking that because of the seperation of product lines, the 9.7 would never get Pro features. You can even go back and read the enormous amount of speculation that ..... Apple would NEVER do ..... what they did (which was put Pro features in an Air or 9.7 for this conversation). As a matter of fact, Apple not only gave Pencil support (which a lot of people said wouldnt happen because people would get mad, product line blur, lower sales for bigger Pro, etc..), but they went all out and by all indications, literally made a smaller Pro (depending on memory which to my knowledge has not been revealed yet).

    You can't have it both ways. People can't say that the 9.7 will never get Pro features on this forum to an ENORMOUS degree (go back and read), and then when it literally does that to a greater degree then even anticipated, claim that you know things are going to be upgraded ... bla bla bla ... theres no reason to get aggrevated ... bla bla bla ... excuses ... bla bla ... defend Apple... etc. People did NOT anticipate that Apple would release a smaller Pro when the bigger one came out. And lets be blunt ... and honest here ... Apple had no incentive to give any hints that a smaller version was coming out 4 months later because the truth is, that I think (could be wrong), that a lot of people wouldn't of bought it. For all the Ipad Pro 13 buyers .... Apple played you.

    Yea, i can understand why people would be mad. Its rational to be angry at Apple's approach to the Ipad lineup as of late. Its also rational to observe their nickle and dime business practices, schizophrenic lineup manipulations, storage stinginess, and lack of motivation as of late and be angry. Its not only rational, but warranted ... when you are heavily invested in an ecosystem and are a dedicated Apple buyer ... which enables this company to survive to begin with. Hey, no skin of my back. Apple just wont get my money any time soon. Perhaps this device isn't for me ... or perhaps, Apple doesn't want my money because they know its gonna be hard to rationalize to me on buying these Ipads at these price points because I have no investment in the ecosystem, nor have I been indoctrinated with the hype for years. In other words ... dedicated Apple costumers are getting punked ... and some are even happily celebrating it.
  16. Michael Goff Suspended

    Michael Goff

    Jul 5, 2012
    I'm glad they did what they did today. We need to have something good for people who want a smaller device. The fact that their screen has newer technology just shows me what I'm getting in the future.

    And that makes me happy.
  17. maxsix Suspended


    Jun 28, 2015
    Western Hemisphere
    Your statement is particularly applicable in the world of Apple where vanity is highly predominant.
  18. h00ligan macrumors 68030

    Apr 10, 2003
    A hot desert
    Can I just point out that I'm considering buying the 13" for $100 more after today's announcement and I'm a photographer and technologist professionally. The screen real estate will be much more noticeable than the quality change. The hey Siri without being plugged in is available on other devices like the iPhone 6s+ and the echo is doing home automation. I just don't feel hey Siri is a selling point particularly. If my iOS device is down for a period of time it's in a dock. Where they all do this, recent ones at least.

    The annoying thing to me is the new one having much slower transfer speeds for the camera something they shouldn't have left out. I really don't think,side by side you'd notice much between the screens I'd the two pro iPads. Even with the ambient sensing on. And I use that technology every day wi a spyder calibrator.
  19. nalbagli macrumors 6502

    Sep 11, 2014
    I actually do understand why some people may not be happy with the fact that this new iPad was released (even if it's not my case), some people may like to have the lastest tech or may think that one of the features announced today would be really useful even when it wasn't a must have, because of this I do not believe the argument: "so then, why did you buy it if it didn't have X feature" isn't very good, maybe that feature wasn't a deabreaker for him then, but only because the option didn't exist, and when people buy this kind of device they usually expect for it no to be renewed until a year or so.

    In my case I also didn't like the timing of the announcement, I am not pissed and I still love my 12 IPP but I only bought it because for me as a student the Pencil feature is a key feature for note taking and hilighting PDFs, and for me this iPad is just too big but it was a cost I was willing to asume due to the fact they announced the Pencil feature as an exclusive feature. So for me, even though I am not mad, it is a pain in the ass the fact that just a few months after I bough the device that key feature for me is no longer exlcusive. Now I will probbably have to sell my device to buy the new one but it's not the ideal situation, if a few months ago I would have known this would happen I would have never bought the Pro in the first place but I really needed the pencil feature and went for it.

    In summary I think it would have made much more sense for Apple to come out with the 9.7 Pro on the same day as the 12 inch model, because many people only bought it for some features that just a few months ago Apple announced as exclusives, so I don't think this was fair with loyal customers like me.
  20. MartyCan macrumors 68000


    Oct 31, 2012
    Near Toronto, ON
    Seems that there is the usual amount of anger with countless threads whining about the new stuff that always follows an Apple Event. As has been said things get updated. Sorry that you don't have the latest greatest thing anymore. Sorry that the one small item on the new device you don't care for is a "deal-breaker."

    They need to merge a whole bunch of threads into the bulk "Why I'm never buying another Apple anything" thread.

    On the price drop I ordered a new Watch today. I fully expect something new this fall or next year. Oh well. That is how Apple works. I'm a firm believer that they always keep some tricks up their sleeve so they have something new that is the "best" at what ever it is later.
  21. Kal-037 macrumors 65816


    Apr 7, 2015
    Depends on the day, but usually I live all over.

    This is a huge reason why I would be even more mad, but fortunately I don't really care about the added features (camera, true tone, siri,) of the mini Pro, but like you said Apple touted the 13" Pro as a new iPad. To quote Tim Cook: "The biggest news in iPad since the iPad!" The Pro was supposed to be a completely different beast meant for artists, animators, filmakers, architects, and small/big businesses, and having the exclusive pencil and keyboard included as part of the "Pro" package. But then 4 months later the Biggest Baddest iPad is essentially already treated like the ugly step-sister of iPad. I mean I still LOVE the screen size and the iPad Pro 13"...but why couldn't Apple keep that as the PRO device like they touted in all their ads and interviews oh so much?
    I'll say it for like the umpteenth time... the lack of the 256GB option before is icing on this ridiculous cake. Because now all of us who purchased the iPP can't get the more storage without losing $400-500 or more.
    All of this was a joke and something I did not expect from Apple at all. I thought the iPad Pro mini would be iPad Air 3 with 4 speakers, specs just shy of the big beast, and maybe some 3D touch gimmick or something, but not the iPad Pro's equal (or better in some peoples view.)

    I agree that releasing them at the same time would have made much more sense, originally it was thought they didn't update the iPad Air as it would cannibalize the iPP sales, but then Apple turns around and does just that; cannibalizing their own devices... again. I scoff at you Apple.. *SCOFF! :rolleyes:

    I feel the anger is a bit more justified in this case, I usually love Apple's events and enjoy the new products. But this honestly felt like a punch to the gut.

  22. DaniJoy macrumors 6502

    Nov 19, 2015
    its pretty funny people get pissed off about slight upgrades. its just how they get people to keep buying these toys. Me personally, im keeping my 13". anything less is too small for me. 10" is hardly the latest and greatest to me.

    the better screen would be nice, but after trying to edit RAW photos and 4k on my pro, its sooooo slow for doing serious work, i'd rather just use a real computer. The pro's just dont have the hardware speed yet. For painting, color calibration matters much less.
  23. \-V-/ Suspended


    May 3, 2012
  24. ZenThought macrumors newbie


    Mar 21, 2016
    In the context of this topic, what was updated? The Ipad Air 2 was not updated. Nor was the Ipad Pro (original) updated.

    A new product was created, called the Ipad Pro 9.7 inch. The PRO line was sold as a PRO experience, which is why it had better specs, pencil support, bigger screen, and a graphics processor that could handle 4k video editing with ease. It was a SEPERATE product line from the Ipad Air line. The screen was one of the definitive separation characteristics.

    Nothing was updated as far as the Ipad lineup is concerned.

    Apple knew a smaller Ipad Pro was coming. The way they characterized the Ipad Pro 13 was dishonest considering this information, because they gave the appearance that there was a DEFINITIVE distinction between the Ipad Air and Pro that was done intentionally to seperate the product lines and capabilities, when in fact, they already knew that the distinction was only going to end up being in screen size for the most part.................

    ................4 months later.

    Why wouldnt Apple just come out during the original Ipad Pro announcement and admit, hey by the way, a 9.7 version is coming in 4 months? Why didn't Apple inform their customer base on this information?

    we all know why. because it would of hurt sales. probably ... ALOT.

    why would it of hurt sales? Because theres a lot of people that didn't want that screen size, but wanted that power and capability (including pencil support), and so they made a sacrifice in a bigger screen to get PRO features, including pencil support, 4G of RAM, and a great GPU.

    Apple punked every Ipad Pro 13 buyer. Now, some might not care. Some might be happy with their purchase. But that doesn't change the fact that Apple ... punked .. their customer base by misrepresenting the nature of their Ipad lineup, where PRO was not only synonymous with better specs ... but bigger screen (A PRO screen do to PRO work)... when in fact, they already knew the only main distinction 4 months later would be the screen size excluding small advances that are nice but not earth shattering)

    Its very obvious what happened. Its very obvious that they released a product, sold it as a seperate catagory that they already knew was going to change 4 months and which, if the COSTUMER BASE knew beforehand ... would negatively effect their sales.

    This ain't rocket science. People got punked by Apple, whether they care if they did or not, or admit if they did or not.
  25. ThisBougieLife macrumors 68000


    Jan 21, 2016
    SF Bay Area, California
    This is exactly why I did not purchase the 13" model. I knew there would be a smaller IPP soon enough (okay, I didn't know for sure, but I had a very good feeling about it) and that's what I really wanted in the first place. So I'm very excited for this. It's unfortunate that some people feel "punked", but can you really say you didn't see this coming? I certainly did, and I'm nothing special.

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