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Oct 24, 2011
Hi everyone!

Eltima Software presents the newest private & secure VPN proxy - Cargo VPN. This secure app takes care of your IP address, geolocation, and personal communications while you are visiting your favorite websites from any Wi-Fi network in any country. Its built-in DNS Firewall protects you from malware, ads, tracking, and other potential threats.


Cargo VPN offers the following:

*Prevent unwanted intruders from seeing your IP address, location and online identity, even if you are using a public WiFi network connection.
*Avoid the geographical blocks and access global websites without restrictions.
*Stay protected from the government surveillance and monitoring.
*Keep your login info, account numbers, billing address, and other personal information safe.
*Get the possibility to spend less on hotel rooms, flights, car rental and other location targeted services.
*Get the perfect coverage with more than 70 server locations and over 1000 powerful servers across the world.
*Block pop-up ads and malicious websites.
*Download torrents anonymously.
*Get up to 5 devices included in one subscription that works on Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices.

Additional possibilities:

* Exclusive Static IP address.
* Personal Server for a higher level protection.
* More devices can be added.

Get it here
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Oct 13, 2005
1) Do you have a link to a list of server locations? I couldn't find it on your web site.

2) Do you support OpenVPN? does your macOS client support it?

3) Do you keep traffic logs?


Original poster
Oct 24, 2011

1) Cargo VPN has over 1000+ high-speed servers across 70+ locations all over the world. The latest server list is available right in the application.

2) Sure, we support IPsec, OpenVPN and KeepSolid Wise in iOS and Mac versions of the app.

3) Eltima Software does NOT collect and log any user activities while using Cargo VPN service, except the total amount of web traffic for each session and session dates, for displaying them within the VPN client app. Eltima Software also stores the encrypted information about the amount of connected devices for each account, as the maximum permitted amount is limited. You can find more information here -
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