CarPlay changing my usage of Siri and Maps

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    I've been using iPhones for years and two things I have not used much at all are Siri and Apple Maps. I tried both initially but then quickly abandoned them. I installed a CarPlay head unit a few weeks back and since then I've been using both a lot more. I've discovered the coolness of asking Siri to play random music interests rather than having to rely on what's in my library. I've been listening to a lot more music from times past (the 70s) that i didn't have in my library.

    Likewise, because CarPlay and also my Apple Watch are so integrated with Apple Maps, I've embraced them now. In the past I was always using Google Maps, or Waze (still annoyed that Apple didn't buy Waze). What I'm finding is that Apple Maps doesn't seem to suck as much as it did when it first came out, at least not around where I live at least. I've not had to resort to Google Maps or Waze at all since I've been using CarPlay.

    Anyone else had this experience with Siri and Maps after going to CarPlay?
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    This is not meant to send snarky at all, but is it possible your opinion has changed because with CarPlay you *have* to use Siri and Apple Maps?
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    Because it's impossible for anyone to like Siri and Apple Maps?

    Not everyone has to like Google Now or Google Maps ya know.
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    Clearly you didn't understand my post. It has nothing to do with Google products. When we are forced to use something, we often grow fonder of it.

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    I've been experimenting more using apple maps at the same time as my Hyundai gps, waze and google maps. Apple maps just doesn't stand up. Waze is still best followed closely by google. Both highly outperform apple and the the built in Hyundai is last. Apple might be a little better if it at least showed speed limits
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    I definitely am using Siri a lot more now though

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