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Apr 12, 2001

Prior to when Apple announced the AirTags, companies including Chipolo, VanMoof, and Belkin debuted products that are part of the Find My network accessory program, integrating directly with the Find My app so they can be tracked when lost.


Of the three companies, Chipolo has the most AirTag-like device, a Bluetooth item tracker called the ONE Spot. Chipolo will need to compete with the AirTags to get people to make a purchase, and the company has already started its advertising campaign.

In an email titled "Can you spot the difference?" that was sent to prospective customers, Chipolo said that the ONE Spot "Attaches directly to your keyring," with "no accessory needed," pointing out one of the benefits of its tracker compared to the AirTags.

AirTags are small, circular item trackers that have no attachment point and require a secondary accessory to attach to key rings and other items. Apple sells accessories starting at $29, which is the same price as the AirTag, essentially doubling the price. Some of Apple's accessories are even more expensive, topping out with a $449 Hermès Luggage Tag.


There are more affordable accessories and some situations, such as tucking the AirTag inside a bag, won't require an accessory, but Chipolo does have an edge with the built-in loop for those who want to use a ring to attach it to keys and other items.

Chipolo's ONE Spot won't be available for preorder for another two weeks and it's not shipping out until June, which puts it well behind the AirTags. AirTags will begin arriving to customers later this week.

Because it integrates with the Find My app, the ONE Spot works just like the AirTag and can be located alongside other Apple devices right in the Find My app. It does, however, lack a U1 chip for the Precision Finding feature that the AirTags offer. Chipolo has yet to announce pricing for the ONE Spot.

(Thanks, Perry!)

Article Link: Chipolo Takes Dig at AirTags When Advertising ONE Spot Item Tracker: 'No Accessory Needed'


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May 7, 2017
Is the Chipolo Ocean Edition the only one in their lineup that is made from recycled materials? I feel like they could have made all of their trackers with recycled fishing nets instead of contributing to more plastics out there.


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Feb 5, 2011
I mean they’re not wrong. Very silly over sight
Agree that they (this other company) aren’t wrong, but I don’t believe that it’s an oversight on Apple’s part. Accessories for the AirTags creates one more stream of revenue for them. Brands like Belkin are selling holders for $15 or so. Just a matter of time before we see even cheaper options available on Amazon. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some for as low as $3-$5.

Frankly, if this is all that Chipolo can come up with to differentiate their upcoming product from AirTags, then I suspect their product is at risk of being DOA.
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Mar 30, 2004
any chance airbags will one day connect with HomeKit for use as a key fob type of device? or additional proximity sensor for automations rather than relying simply on an iPhone on a human?
That would be great.

Automation possibilities like:
  • Bring AirTag into the room that has HomePod mini (ultra wideband). Between 15 minutes after sunset and bedtime, turn on the room light.
  • At night, AirTag in your pocket at certain distance and direction from the HomePod mini activates the backyard light.
  • Accidentally locked the door with AirTag inside the house. Turn on the entrance light as a reminder.
Unfortunately, AirTag is probably a passive device. It's probably transmitting only periodically, or when Find My app is launched (I read that the initial connection may take as much as 30 seconds).
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