Commodore Amiga Emulator for iOS Demoed, Coming to App Store


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Apr 12, 2001

TouchArcade reveals a first hands-on with an upcoming Commodore Amiga emulator from mobile developer Manomio. Manomio is the developer behind the Commodore 64 emulator for iOS that made headlines after it was originally rejected from the App Store. Manomio's Commodore 64 emulator eventually returned to the App Store after some favorable changes in App Store policy.

As with its Commodore 64 emulator, Manomio is legally licensing the required intellectual property and is working with individual developers to bring popular Amiga titles to the App Store. Even at this early stage, the emulator is running very well, though input controls need to be polished. The following demo video shows a collection of 10 classic Amiga games including Defender of the Crown, Battle Squadron, International Karate +, R-Type, R-Type II, Speedball, Stunt Car Racer, Shadow of the Beast, Virus, and Xenon 2: Megablast:

The shown games don't necessarily reflect the selection that will become available in the App Store, as that will depend on the ultimate licensing agreements. The emulator achieves its performance using tuned ARM assembly language and will only support iPhone 3GS / 3rd gen. iPod touch devices and up. No release date has been announced.

Article Link: Commodore Amiga Emulator for iOS Demoed, Coming to App Store


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Sep 21, 2009
Pretty cool. Personally I'm waiting for the Atari 2600 emulator. Blast from the past for me!


Jan 18, 2005
Holy hell on a lightly toasted french bun.
An working Amiga emulator on a portable device! Day one purchase. Best console ever that machine, but you probably had to be there. Free public domain games, better music than PC/Mac for many years (thanks modular music!).

R-Type 2 is one of my fave and most inspirational games ever. If they get Turrican 1 and 2 on there... oh man. Every interview I always mention Turrican 2 and R-Type 2. They're way too important to me.


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Mar 4, 2007
Shadow of the Beast... that bring back memories. I was so jealous of my friends Amiga.:eek:


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Jun 23, 2009
Melbourne Australia
Wooo hoo! Oh yeah baby.

Although, watching the video is a little weird. I'm not exactly sure about this, as Defender of the crown seems to have the same CPU pauses with the screen switching (listen to the music pause and stutter) as it did when it played on the original Amiga 500, but if I recall, disappeared with a CPU upgrade (oh, and Hard-drive install).

But if this is real..... first day release, I'll be slappin' down my hard earns.


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Nov 26, 2003
The Amiga was so far ahead of its time. This is great news! Ah, if things had only been different, we would be using Amiga computers today...


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Feb 26, 2009
Titletown USA
That video brought back a lot of memories especially the Xenon 2 music.
Same here. Some of the best times of my young computing life had on my Commodore 64 then 128 then Amiga. I remember crying when they "ported" Montezuma's Revenge from the Apple IIe to the Amiga and my mom got it for me for Xmas! :D


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Jul 24, 2002
South Orange, NJ

This is awesome. As you can tell from my Avatar and signature, I'm a big Amiga fan. I wish things had gone differently for Commodore. Maybe in an alternate universe Jay Miner and crew would have ruled the computing world.

While I think it's pretty cool it's coming to the iPhone, I feel like the overall experience is probably better on the computer. But this is still exciting news.

I have UAE for Mac that works pretty well for playing Amiga disk images. And I have an excellent C64 and Vic20 emulator, too. Here's some links for those interested:

Mac UAE (Amiga Forever):




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Feb 5, 2009
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Rise of the Dragon, please. ;)

Burger Thing

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Jan 7, 2009
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Oh, man. Awesome. I have to be honest: I use Mac because Amiga is no more :eek: Like somebody mentioned above, i a parallel universe we would use DeLuxe Paint 24 and and and... I wonder if we will see a Guru Meditation Alarm as well :D


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Nov 22, 2007
Aalborg, Denmark
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Jan 26, 2008
This is awesome. I love the Amiga. I used mine for video production back in the day. It worked great. I still have my Amiga 500 packed away in a box and when I find room in my house, I plan to set up my official computer museum featuring the Amiga. :)